Repurpose Old Gazebo Frame

susiewantsroses(7b)February 10, 2009

There are some folks that do not know what to do with their gazebo when the canvas is riped off by the wind. We bought one last summer and primed and painted it white and put lattice around it to plant climbing roses on. Now I'm seeing them on FREECYCLE. When people move they think they should discard the empty frame. Here is ours in the process of coming together.

Here is the imagined dream setting I found. This pic inspires me to push on forward. Just add climbing roses and this is what I can see in the future. I ordered the roses last night. Now just wait 3 years and we will see what happens. LOL

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Oh, that IS a dreamy pic, Susie! You and hubs done a wonderful job on your gazebo frame! Isn't it amazing what people throw away!!?? You are one patient woman,though, I would hafta go get some "instant gratification roses"!LOL!!

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Marlene Kindred

Love your dream picture! You could certainly add the toole curtains to you gazebo if you wanted're such a wiz at being creative, I know it would look just great!

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That is so pretty. I think while I waited for the roses to grow I would plant morning glories or some other annual that could climb up the sides...

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I love the romance of it...dI can hear the violins and klinking of

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

Oh susie, you are such a it. I have a large piece of tulle that may have been a bed canopy and I was thinking about using it on my master bedroom patio area. Even tho there is no master anymore, lol. I still like girly things to remind me I am a lady. I have some of the corners from a neighbor but I have not decided where to use. We have some of the white trellis on our fence that is painted blue....looks good. Luv Yours.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Lovely photos. I see alot of those after hurricanes down here.
Minus the canvas that is

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what a beautiful patio gazebo you have. The flowers will make it even more special.

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Love the look of the gazebo that you have repurposed. I have considered doing this if I could find a gazebo that is. How did you connect the trellis to the gazebo frame? And is the bottom buried in the soil or how do you keep it from blowing over?

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emtnest(z8/Northern CA)

Hey Susie,
I spotted something in your pile in back of pic of gazebo...those cinderblocks!!! I added a cinderblock plantstand into your dreamy pic...hehehe... you could have something like it in your new one!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hmmm, I have an old netting bed canopy like what you show in your photo. It is in a drawer tied up to keep from having to untangle it AGAIN when I get ready to hang it.

But this idea for an outdoor gazebo or pergola is absolutely a FINE idea. It is also romantic. The netting turned loose would serve as a proper mosquito netting for outdoor occasions on soft summer evenings.

What I have to do is get a proper frame...the reason the canopy is in a drawer is because the canopy bed frame I made from bamboo lashed together, sort of FELL one night, to the chagrin of my new hubby and myself, and to the amusement of our neighbors who saw the collapse next morning. I still think the bamboo is a good idea.

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SweetKountry- First we put in the brick patio. The gazebo frame had an open runner crevase that curtain slides were sunk in. The lattice fit perfectly into the crevase at the top. The lattice is vinyl and they make vinyl trim edging that incases the sides. We used some sheet metal screws, L-brackets, and vinyl zip ties. The bottom of the lattice is encased in a double brick edging. Then we built brick boxes where the climbing roses will be planted.
emtnest- Cool graphics! We have lots of stacks of bricks and blocks because of all of the projects we have planned. We collect materials from Craigslist and Freecycle and reuse them when that part of the project is ready.
moccasin- You roudy girl you. Bamboo is strong but will not last as long as metal. The bamboo poles would have to be cemented in somehow. The bed sized canopy probaby would not be 100% effective because these Gazebos are pretty large. However the ambience is really cool. I have one over my master bath jacuzzi.
Thank you for all of your kind comments. Susie

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