Old cedar fence posts

sherril_2008(Zone 3/4)February 16, 2008

Here are some pic's of what we did with some old cedar fence posts that were given to us by a friend who does fencing. He was replacing them with new posts, and gave us two trailer loads of them.

This shot is of a low fence border we made to line the back walkway & wild flower bed.

A hanging post for one of my signs.

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Wow, that looks like it was alot of work, but it looks great! It really sets off the pathway! I love how cedar ages, don't you?

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It look wonderful! And best of all it was free! How much better can you get than that? Love the wreath of barbed wire too!

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What a great friend! What a great, creative use for what he gave you! Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Kirk

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awesome use of a great give away! obviously a huge amount of work, but the end result was definitely worth it! Thanks for sharing! we met an artist from Minnessota who made weed pots from reclaimed cedar fence posts...decorated w/ swirl of barb wire, and a deer antler. don't usually buy from art shows..too $$..but had to have one of these! *elaine*

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sherril_2008(Zone 3/4)

misselaineous - I have seen something like the weed pots you are talking about. Pretty creative idea too.

I've also made candles out of the posts. Had hubby drill out the end with a hole cutter the size of a tea light. Drop in a tea light and decorate with dried flowers, etc.

They turned out pretty nice too. I have two that I did with silk Christmas flowers and I use them during the holidays as centerpieces. Very rustic-festive looking!

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Can you explain the "weed pots". Can't picture them in my mind.

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I will agree, that's a great friend to give you those for free as they are not cheap! Love the look against the walkway, it's awesome.


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