This ever happen to you?

marquest(z5 PA)February 22, 2012

Glass broke before you got out of the store?

I have seen so many beautiful blue totems here and I wanted one. So I have been in search of blue glass. I have not seen many blue items. Yesterday I found 3 beautiful glasses. As I put them in the cart I was so happy. The isle are so tight in my GW that two carts cannot get down the isle. So someone has to back up.

Well I saw a lady coming very fast toward me....I started backing up she seemed to speed up. I have know idea what was going on but she came so fast at me she bumped my cart the glasses bumped together and one of the glasses broke. She did not apologize. Just looked at me as if to say.. "Look what you have done" lol

I was heartbroken. After looking for so long to find blue glass and I had to lose one of them. I took the broken glass to the front and told them I would pay for it. I will use in in a mosaic piece.

This is what I have so far

This is a closeup of the one that broke. It is so pretty it has a cracked glass look that really sparkles.

Oh well my hunt will continue for blue glass.

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Use the pieces as a mosaic on a window so the sun comes through and makes that blue crackle really sparkle for you.

Ms. Faith

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What a shame.....then we wonder why some children have so little respect for others! Hope she didn't have little ones with her.
You might consider putting some clear pieces in with your blue, as a clear plate between pieces. You have some niece pieces collected so far. The broken piece really will be pretty in a mosaic.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I haven't broken them in the store, but I did drop an entire bag of glassware I had purchased and broke everything in there but one! After calling myself several unpleasant names for being such a klutz, I took out the one that didn't break and threw the rest in the trash. Sometimes things just happen. I'm sorry that the other lady wasn't at all concerned, but I'll bet you'll find some other pieces soon...continue the hunt! Be sure to post your totem...we have a lot of junkies here!

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I was at the Goodwill today -- and they rearranged the whole place. The first thing I said to DH when I got home was how skinny they made the aisles. I had to squeeze past a cart - and I mean SQUEEZE . I HATE IT !!!! I had a few things in my arms and I knocked a few things over that were on the shelves. It's ridiculous how small they made it. The inventory is down , the prices are up and the aisles got skinny. Sorry for venting -- but my favorite place is RUINED !! >:(

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I've broken several pieces myself. I don't need any help. I invested about $35. in a rock tumbler & have turned many colorful broken pieces into "beach glass". I used some to decorate stepping stones. I also used a good bit as "mulch" in the pots where I planted glass plate flowers on copper stems in concrete. A pot full of concrete isn't a pretty sight, but mulched with glass, it looks much nicer. - Laura

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Like Marlene, I dropped a bag when I got home
and both pieces broke- I really wanted that 2 cup
mixing cup, and the cloche!
I have a rock tumbler and have been saving pieces
to make 'beach glass' too.
Toomuch,I know what you mean--our GW put a lot of
things on a shelf on top of the clothes racks. You
can't get down the rows to look because of people
looking at clothes! I HATE IT TOO~

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I broke a few pieces while making totems. Why is it that the prettiest ones are the most breakable?


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marquest(z5 PA)

You all are enablers. Now you are going to make me buy a tumbler. lol

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Marquest, you have some really pretty pieces there.

I'd like to toss out an idea.
A little off topic, though.

Blue glass does seem to be hard to find.
But it can be combined with other things.

A few years ago, someone posted pictures
Of totems made combining cobalt blue glass
And terracotta flower pots.

They were absolutely beautiful!

Just a thought. . .


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marquest(z5 PA)

Thank you therustyone for the suggestion.

I did a search and found some blues done with different colors and clear glass. I might have to do alternate since there is not much blue out there and even less when I break them. lol

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