Pothos with little holes in the leaves

pinkiemarie(5)July 21, 2012

This is an established pothos that I've had for about 2 years named Jacques. Overall he seems quite healthy but he's got about 5 leaves with these strange little holes in them. The holes run in a straight line and don't seem to bother the leaf. I can't see any pests on him. The photo I uploaded, FYI, is a brand new leaf about 2 weeks old. He lives in a hanging pot and doesn't get great light. Any ideas? I just want to be sure it's not some pest that's bothering him. I know it could be a symptom of light or water, but it's on so few leaves...Thanks! :)

PS, sorry for the low quality of the picture. Cell phone doesn't have a very good camera!

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Very difficult to see much on that photo. But Pothos is an Epipremnum. Do a search on Epipremnum images and you'll see a lot of them have holes in leaves and/or split leaves. If the holes are regular and don't look "bitten" then I wouldn't worry.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That damage occurred when the leaf was still rolled up when very young. This kind of physical damage is caused by some sort of accidental injury in your home unless it lives outside. I would then suggest an insect of some sort.

What does the rest of the plant look like?

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Rhizo 1 - the rest of the plant looks really nice with the exception of just a few leaves. Now that you mention it, it does look like someting could have happened to these leves while they were still rolled up. That would explain why the holes go in such a straight line. Hmmm. He's hanging, so physical damage is unlikely. I'm kind of thinking it isn't a pest because the vast majority of the leaves look fine. Weird.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Insects can do this kind of damage but those are typically observed outside. I'd not worry about this.

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Looks like physical damage to me, e..g the leaf might have got rubbed before it unfurled, or folded somehow.

It's nothing to worry about IMHO.

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