Suddenly Unhappy Schefflera

SylviaGrace(4b)July 20, 2014

Hi all. :) I have a fairly small schefflera that has thrived. It was growing several new branches a week, and when I repotted a year or so ago I had buried some of the trunk to stabilize it. That must have confused it slightly, because now there are two new trunks shooting off from the main one at about the soil level. Except for the first branches on the new trunks it hadn't lost any leaves since being repotted.

My schefflera apparently isn't as happy as it was. A week or two ago I noticed that one of the leaves on a baby branch had turned black and died. Since the rest of the branch grew without it I didn't think much of it. But a few days later, on another new branch, three more leaves died like this. A day or two after that I noticed that an entire new branch one that was maybe two or three millimeters tall, was black and dead. Today, I noticed that another branch on a different trunk died like this, and there was another branch with all of the leaves dead (but the branch itself seems too big for the leaves, did it keep growing without them? O.o).

I can't think of anything that's changed in the environment around the plant. It's always been next to a window, and turned occasionally to keep it from leaning too far in one direction. There were a few times when I forgot to water it until the trunks were a bit wrinkled, but it seemed like it bounced back and kept going like normal each time.

What's my plant trying to tell me? I'm completely stumped, and since it's stopped putting out new branches I'm a bit worried.

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What's the soil like? Does it drain well, or is it soggy? Has a white salt-like crust built up on the soil surface? Some photos would help if you could.

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As asked above, what soil did you use? If it's your typical bagged peat moss soil like Miracle Grow, you can have complete soil collapse in just a few months, which leads to rapid decline.


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