Concave leaves

fandog(6a)July 10, 2013

Any advice on why the leaves of this ficus are all concave? Ive tried more sun and less sun. I usually let the top quarter of soil dry out before watering thoroughly. Thanks for any advice, i appreciate it.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Don't grow any as "houseplants " 2 dwarfed and two in the aviary but all are potted .All are "concave ' as in your pic. Went out and looked at those growing as yard plants in both sun and shade "concave lol gary

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My MIL has one of these and it's leaves curve under more than yours pictured. I know it's a happy plant though, it's over 5 feet tall! I don't believe you have anything to worry about.


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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Your plant is perfctly healthy fandog, actually im alitle jealous

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Some of them i see appear to have convex leaves such as this one. Is it just a different variety?

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leaves fold up sometimes from too much light (I see it on my citrus). and curl down when there is not enough humidity(my begonias). I would be suspicious only if I see a change from one state to another when I move the plant to a diff location/conditions. ficus in general likes higher humidity and warmth.

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Fandog. Your Ficus, Rubber Plant looks healthy to me. In fact, it's perfect.

Your Rubber Tree is Burgandy.
The second photo you posted is the same species, but different cultivar. It's plain green, while yours is burgandy.

Pet, you're right about citrus leaves curling in too much sun, but curling is more likely when soil is dry and needs a drink.
My citrus curl when they need water. After a hardy drink, foliage straightens out.

Pet, how much light do your Begonias get? Toni

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agree that citrus curls up when thirsty too. I have a very windy and hot balcony, so it's both - sun and wind =dehydration.
the begonia I had in mind is tuberous large flowered - it's outside on NE very bright balcony - 3-4 hours of sunrise light.
it's happy leafwise indoors at 75F and 80% humidity,but drops buds. the buds stay on outside, but leaves totally curl down (just in a day i can see the difference). it's mostly in the mid 80fF now - too hot for it, I know and as it happens humidity is in the 60%.
my non-stops also curl down outside only, but at least they bloom better. but in a few days it could be 90% humidity, so it varies quite a bit.
on the other hand my petra crotons stay concave when happy, and flatten and droop when thirsty. and they do have leaves very similar to rubber plant.

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Pet, yes, sun and wind will cause dehydration. We're not in Chicago, but not far eiher..Chicago = Windy City. :)

Oh, wondered which Begonias you have because of light needs. Guess light depends on variety.

From what I've seen, Rubber Plants curl if placed outside in direct sun w/o first being acclimated.
Also, when soil is extremely dry.
Otherwise, RP's love direct sun. Leaves and trunk thicken as they mature.

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