Dracaena plant dying.. Stem is mushy, rotted from inside out

TenGreenFingersJuly 21, 2014

What is going on? My dracaena is a braided threesome I purchased almost a year ago from Home Depot. They were doing great until I transplanted them a little bit ago. Two out of he three have mushy stems and one of the two that have he mushy stems Had yellowed leaves that died off pretty quick. The other still has some green leaves but they'll likely die too since it's stem is mushy as well.

The third seems to be doing just fine . What's happening?

I only looked into possible things and nothing quite fits what has happened.

Any ideas or suggestions? I only water when the soil feels dry an inch or two in. Help! I live these dracaenas.

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That's not cool, so sorry! Do you find anything relevant here?

Would you be able to add a pic?

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