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toomuchglass(5)February 4, 2012

I have about 15 plate flowers hanging on my fence. Since last summer , they went through wind,rain,blazing sun , a blizzard and nasty little squirrels. The GE Silicone 2 is holding up fantastic. I highly recommend it :)

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Yea!!! good to know!

I can't figure out why some last so well, and others don't- I think it was Garden Whimsies by Mary who told me to make sure I make a continuous strip around the whole area- without any breaks.
You'd think by now I'd be a 100% expert at it! :)

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

As nice as Lexel is as far as being clear, some of my Lexel ones never really cured and came apart, much to my horror since I sold some of them. GE ii only for me from now on, unless I decide to experiment at home only.
After this experience, I AM going to try lexel where my kitchen countertop meets the wall tho, as that has some movement and I think the lexel with "stretch" more than anything else. So it was not in vain totally.
Automotive goop is still holding the spoons fine. (fingers crossed)

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Thanks for the update and succes on GE Silicone. I can see the reasoning behind the continuos line, it would certainly keep moisture out. I also think if you make sure the surface has been washed real good with soap and water and dries real good it helps. When not in a hurry I also rub my pieces real good with alcohol and let dry real good. I firmly believe good prep is a key to successful holding power also.

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I used GE Silicone II for the first time on a plate flower. I thought it would dry clear but it dried kind of a milky clear. Where I could touch a little of it it was rubbery. Is milky clear the way it's supposed to look?

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