Spider plant attacked by mice

AmandaR83July 24, 2014

My family and I have a very old(we're talking older than I am at 31) spider plant that belonged to my great grandmother. We took it in after my grandmother, the previous owner, moved into a small apartment after her husband passed. Unfortunately, we have a small issue with field mice that we just can't seem to deal with no matter how many we get rid of, and they've done a number on this poor old plant: She's down to just 1 leaf. I'm hoping she'll spring back, but I don't know. Can anyone offer some advice?

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Sorry to hear about your spider plant. But if the roots are fine, you just need to put it in a good spot where the mice can't get to it and it should grow back just fine. Where do you have it at the moment? Is it indoors or out? Is it in a hanging pot? If not, maybe you can find a way to hang it from the ceiling, away from anything tall where the mice can crawl or jump into it. If your really desperate, maybe you can put some kind of chicken wire box type thing around it. I'm sure there's several ways to stop mice from getting to it just by being a little creative. I know them mice can be a pain, my aunt has an issue with them too from the area she lives in. You may even want to change the soil in case they've urinated in the soil, I'm sure that can't be healthy for the spider plant.

Can you take a picture of what is left of the plant?


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I have it up on a tall, slick-sided container on the table it's been living on since we brought it home, in our living room. I'll talk to my mom about getting a hanging pot for it, and maybe hanging it outside for a while. So long as it doesn't have a bad reaction to going from a room constantly lit up to a normal day/night cycle(we keep our living room lights on constantly due to the hours certain family members work). The roots have been in good shape, and I do my best to water all our plants once or twice a week, depending on the weather, and I'll mention the repotting with fresh soil as well!

As for a picture, I'll see what I can do!

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