Climbing vine plants for living wall?

emberemmeJuly 26, 2014

Hello! I have a now empty wall in my room which I have evenly spaced holes in from a past project. I've been researching for the past few days and I'd like to use the holes already in my wall to construct an invisible trellis and grow a climbing vine over it. So far, I've come up with Boston ivy and a black-eyed Susan vine as the best potential options.

I live in zone 5B and the wall which I want to put the trellis on faces the sunrise. My room's blinds are the sort that let in light even when they're closed, and I turn on my room's light once I come home.

Any suggestions as to other types of climbing plants which would work, or warnings with regards to the plants I've found so far? All advice is appreciated.

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I have had success with Pothos, Philodendron, Arrowhead and Spider plants in Zone 6 both with window lights and rooms with skylights and window lights. English Ivy also hangs on during the winter low light months.

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I don't have a clear picture of your intentions, but if you are actually going to allow the plants to cover interior walls, you will have problems with...
mold and mildew to say nothing about the actual integrity of the wall. Any wall covered with vines will become moist and this will cause problems. Popular tropical vines that climb include Golden Pathos, philodendrons of numerous species, creeping fig (Ficus), and Monstera. If the environment is humid enough, the vines will even climb the walls and attach themselves to it with their tendrils. I once had a Philodendron start doing this on its own w.o. any encouragement from me. But to actually encourage them to do this is asking for trouble if you ask me.

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