What's wrong with my Spider Plant?

CactusBoss(Zone 5a)July 27, 2013

The leaves are bending and folding. Otherwise the plant seems healthy.

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CactusBoss(Zone 5a)


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Well, no one has taken a stab at this, but here is what I know about spider plants. They are a plant that doesn't like a lot of fertilizer salts, or salt in general in their soil, so if you water in such a way that the fertilizer is never washed out, then they will get a lot of brown tips and generally decline over time. I have a lot of dissolved limestone in my water, which gives the water a higher ph and more of the salts that the plant doesn't like. So I water mine with reverse osmosis water since I have here at my new house. I'm not sure about the folded up leaves, but when I am not sure what is going on I unpot the plant and look at the soil. Are there areas in the soil that got so dry they aren't getting wet anymore when I water? Is the soil decomposed and soggy? Is there good drainage through the soil and out of the pot? If I hazarded a guess, I would say the plant is too dry, but it really is hard to tell from your photos what is going on. Oh-some plants will fold up their leaves if they are getting too much sun. Maybe it is in too sunny of a position?

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Cactus Boss...is your Spider a cutting?

Sometimes, when soil dries for prolonged periods, 'especially when temps are hot and days sunny,' longer leaves tend to bend. Morso if Spider is in direct sun.

I'd remove dead foliage. Also, as Aseed suggested, unpot and check roots.
Roots should be white and semi-thick.
If roots are filling the container, increase pot by 1-2-inches.

Although soil should be half-inch to an inch beneath pot rim, if you repot or leave Spider in its current container, pot a little higher up. This way, leaves won't rub against rim and bend.

Allow water to sit in a container overnight before watering.

To trim brown leaf tips. Leave about 1/8" of brown on tips. If leaf is cut in green, the brown could spread.

Cactus Boss..I've been meaning to ask you. I enjoy looking and analizing screen names. lol.
When I first saw your name, I assumed you were into Cacti.
Do you have cactus? If so, how many? Any rare types?


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CactusBoss(Zone 5a)

hopefulauthor, cacti were the first plants I grew. I currently have 22 cacti. I don't own any rare types but I really want to get some Pereskia cause I'm really into leafy cacti.

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CactusBoss(Zone 5a)

Is this enough light for it to produce spiders?

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i cant tell if that is variegated or glare on the leaves. if it is all green i have found them to produce babies at a slower rate than the variegated ones. also you might try potting it down, i believe being rootbound will uptick the reproduction. hard to tell about the light whats the location?

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CactusBoss(Zone 5a)

close to an east window

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then yes I believe so, but I still say looking at that pot it will go along time and fill that out with roots before sending out shoots.

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