How to seal a container???

desertrat1(Zone8_CA)February 24, 2011

Ok, this is kind of out there. BUT of what I know someone is bound to KNOW the solution. A friend of mine is making up containers for family memebers for another one of our friends' deceased husbands remains. The ashes will be sealed in a ziploc bag within the container. But the question I have is how do we go about sealing the container. My friend was thinking of using epoxy (which I don't have personal experience with). What kind of product would you use to seal it up? I do not know if it is wood, ceramic, metal or glass. I will check out what kind and get back to post...

Thanks in advance. Yes, I know kind of out there but you all have been so great in your sea of compiled knowledge.

Love, Jules

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Ok, so I found out it is a silver container. So, any thoughts?
Love, Jules

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I guess the first question would be why do you see a need to seal it? The cremains are usually sealed very well in an extremely heavy plastic bag which is generaly heat sealed. Not easy to pucture the bag at all. If you plan to divide the cremains so that more than one person has a portion, just ask that they be divided at the crematory and each bag will be extremely heavy duty and sealed appropriatey. Not knowing what type of silver material it will be I'd say you'd need a glue for metal. There again, I'd ask the funeral home or crematory for assistance sealing it if that is what you desire to do.

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Silver solder.


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Okay guys. I hate to be the one to ask but don't you think this subject "might" belong over on the conversation side?

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maozamom NE Ohio

Nope, this is the right place to talk about how to do something. The question and this answer probably should be on the conversation side.

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desertrat(Z8 California)

Ok, so yes it s/b on the conversations side or right here is alright?
Let me know. Even though it is an odd question I thought it to be perfect for the regular side.
Love, Jules

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