Callisia fragrans broken stem

tok1d0k1July 28, 2014

My Callisia fragrans has been growing really well this summer so far and sprouted so many baby stems. But today another bigger plant fell on top of it and broke the main stem. In my panic, I cut all the baby stems still on the broken-off main stalk and put them in water, and then took out the leaves on the last few inches of the broken-off main stalk and put that in water.

I was wondering if I should keep them all in water like this until it roots (I read somewhere that doing that works) or if it'd be better to put them all straight into soil. I have Miracle-Gro potting mix and garden soil if that makes any difference. If I put them all into soil, should I start with smaller pots for the baby stems? Or combine them all into a bigger pot? I know the main stem should get its own. Also, will anything grow where the main stalk broke off? I'm sorry there's so many questions (I didn't even know what plant this was until a couple days ago)!

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Here's the temporary living situation of my Callisia fragrans.

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And here's what's left in the pot.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Sorry that happened! I would stick the main stem back in the pot, confident it should take root. For the side stems, stolons, I've not tried to propagate any that way, always waited until the pup at the end had root nubs, then sit those on the surface. Hopefully someone who has tried doing something with those before they have developed to that point will pop by and enlighten us both. IDK if the length of the stolon can develop roots or not. Probably.

Do any of the pups have root nubs on them? You can see them in this pic, at the bottom of each bend in the stem where the pup flares out from the stolon. On the left, one had been in contact with soil and has 2 roots with some dirt stuck to them.

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Thanks! I'll stick the main stalk into a pot with soil, then. Most of the stolons were pretty long and had root nubs, so hopefully they root. Although I still need to know if they should be in soil or stay in water, though.

Hopefully someone else who has more experience in this lets us know how to propagate the Callisia fragrans properly. I'm also still curious about the part of the main stalk that's still in the original pot. The root system is in there, so maybe it'll grow back? I have no idea.

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Last year Purp sent me a chunk of the stuff,and sadly I managed to kill all of it...or so I thought.

As it turns out there was a little section of a stolon that I'd dropped in a terrarium and although it's all green for having been inside where light isn't at a premium,it's put on new growth.

Edited to say,Purp,..if you're still around I need to know if you'll be around the house long enough that I know it's safe to send that box back your way.

Tried to reach you through email but you haven't responded.
So happy I didn't manage to kill it all.

I lost a lot of stuff that had to go outside too early this year before it was really warm enough.

I'm under the impression that any part with a node on it will root if in a humidity trap of some sort or another.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

TOK, I put them on soil, with the bend near the foliage end (where the root nubs are) in contact with the soil. The stump should continue growing the stolons still attached to it. Let us know if something else shows up? I've had this plant for years and it still does things I've never seen before sometimes.

Hey, Asleep, that's cool to hear. If I'm ever short on babies to propagate... Can't imagine that though, this is an "invasive" house plant, that grows faster than the space I have (permanent residents have gone from pot 1 to 3, but I still give babies away often.) They have to hang or the stolons will take root in nearby pots.

" if in a humidity trap of some sort or another." Sounds like home, sweet home. LOL!

If you need something replaced that I have, please let me know. Amazing that any plants can survive up where you are, brrrr! (Speaking of brrr - I had to put on long sleeves & pants this morning. Record low of 60ð!

I dunno what's up with email, sent you a note a few days ago. Blame Yahoo?

Check out this stolon that started making its' own stolons. Wild!

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Up here it's threatening to get down into the fifties in the next few days. I'll never get used to that,will I?

Stolons with stolons is neat...I can see that as a groundcover almost.

Speaking of groundcovers,do you have any ajuga reptans?

Feel free to remind me what you were capable of replacing for me as I may have forgotten some of what went the way of the worm.

You're the best! :)

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