Overwatered African Violets

Korn_KatJuly 18, 2014

When we left for a family vacation for a couple of weeks over the 4th of July, with the kids, I asked a neighbor to please water my houseplants. She did, but overwatered my violets. They are dying and so I just cut off the roots on a couple of them and plopped the stem into a container of water . I lopped off the mushy stems and leaves and left the limp leaves on. The limp leaves are firming up. My question is this. Can I take leaf cuttings for new plants. or can I just replant the plant . There are no roots. Any advice would be appreciated.


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You can replant the crowns (the whole plant). Covering them (for humidity) while they are rooting helps them root faster. But it can also increase the chance of rot. So you should be careful. I would also put down some leaves as insurance. If you have rooting hormone, I would use it on the crown (not individual leaves) before planting, but it isnt necessary. African violets will grow roots anyway.

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