Eucharis Christine

klyde(8)July 25, 2009

Hi there:

Well I've finally gotten my Eucharis Christine. Can anyone tell me how much smaller it is than the big one? Also I've heard that it will bloom more readily? My big one hasn't bloomed since I bought it a year ago. I've done the slow down on watering thing to get it to bloom and nothing! Any tips and thoughts about Christine would sure be appreciated.

Kelly in Victoria

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Bumping this out of the way

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karen715(z5 IL)

Why? What does it hurt to have it on top? Unanswered questions do eventually move down on their own, and in the meantime, it is always possible that someone might come along who knows the answer.

NanW did in fact answer the last time this was brought up (see link.) Maybe hers has since bloomed, and she hasn't seen this post yet.

I had never heard of this plant before, and am pleased to learn of its existence. I have had Eucharis amazonica before, and have never gotten it to bloom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous query about E. 'Christine'

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(i know it's old!)
Oh! I was just researching this plant based on what I read in a fragrant house plant post, here's what the plant owner had to say,

"Eucharis 'Christine'--Wonderfully easy and fragrant and will bloom three or four times per year for me (the trick to getting these to bloom is HEAT, not drying them out between flowering cycles which actually stresses them out). I keep mine on a seedling heat mat if temperatures dip below 65�F, and it rewards me by producing loads of elegant, deliciously perfumed flowers and is steadily multiplying in its 12 inch pot. "

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Klyde. Don't know if mine is a mini or standard.

Leaves grow 8-10" tall.

About flowers. Got my Euchrist Lily 1994. It's never bloomed.

It was placed in different lighting, 'after a year's time,' and someone said they do best potted in shallow pots. So, I potted in a bulb container. 5-years ago.
Still no blooms.

It's supposed to be a winter bloomer. White, fragrant flowers. Toni

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