fuzzies on my tc!!

Lamora(4)August 3, 2012

Hi all!!

I have been struggling with my TC since I got them, getting them to root well and what not. This morining I went out to say "Good Morning My Lovelies" to my plants (like I do every morning) and I thought I seen something on 2 of them... I looked.. and saw.. fuzzies on top!! I was so excited! They are very microscopic, but there nonetheless. They have really struggled to make it, but I do believe they are going to be just fine in time.

They are all growing bigger, but seeing the fuzzies really made my day.. as you can tell. I have about 9 plants in all, 3 in 3 pots.. well, pop bottle bottems. Hope soon they will be strong enough to put all in one pot. Yes, I know how huge they can get, but until then...

Yes~~ I am excited for my TCs, makes me feel like I can do SOMETHING RIGHT for once. (really wasn't sure they would make it or not, for a while)

Just sayin'

Marjie :D

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Great news! You will have to post a picture once the fuzzies get large enough. :)


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Cool! Feelin' your excitement!

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Oh, please, what is TC and what are fuzzies? I thought you were talking about mealy bugs first, but obviously not since everyone is happy for you.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

LOLOLOL, I was going to ask what the heck is a TC and what are fuzzies, and why are you talking to them???

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Rhizo, you are sooo funny.

I too thought fuzzies were either Mealy or mold. lol.

Marjie, please post a pic...Toni

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JessieC777(Washington State 5)

Yay! Glad they are coming along :-)

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I found out !!! TC is Thanksgiving Cactus. I put it into GW search engine. And fuzzies seem to be baby leaves?

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lol, sorry for the confusion, but it got your attention , didnt it? hehe. And doesn't everyone talk to thier plants?? I know I am a bit weird, but still... ;)

Thanksgiving Cactus, and fuzzy growth, hair like more like it. Only on 2 tho, but the others are growing real nice.

My Daughter has the prettiest Christmas Cactus, still small but so vibrant green, and she has a lot in the same pot. Can't remember when she did that. But since mine have has such a hard time of it up til now, should I wait to put them all in one pot? I'm thinking that may be the way to go, let them get a bit stronger..

Will get pics posted sometime today, if I can see them, the camera should pick them up.

But yes~~I am still excited, for them and for me. Not expecting any flowers this year, but as long as they are growing and looking good, I'm happy~~ :)

starting to get the hang of this~~ I think (knock on wood)

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marguerite-- guess we were "talking" at the same time-- lol. But yes- Thanksgiving Cactus and new leaves forming. It was late when I posted, wasn't thinking to clear, forgive me?? :)

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here they are!! :) I seen a few more "hairs" on others today~~ yes, something is going right for once. (knocking on wood again)

all together~~ what do you think of putting them all in the same pot?

Marjie.. :)

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Marjie...your TC's are really coming along..
Of course, a fuzzy..lol..

I'd pot together, but wait until roots were a little more established..

Are flower colors the same?

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Hopeful~ Yes,, fuzzies-- lol (couldn't think of another word for it at the time.

From what I understand they are all from the same mother plant~ so I am thinking they are the same. They were a gift from someone here. The one she has is very pretty, hoping to get mine there some day.. :)

How big of a pot should I get for them? would a 6" be ok for all? It's more of a butter container, well, ok, it is a butter container~~ lol. but for now it is all i have. Other than that~~the only other pot I have is 8". Would that be too big? But yes, I think I will wait for a bit longer to do that. They are just starting to get to where I am not so worried about them, don't want to put them thru undo stress.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Well I too thought fuzzies meant mealy bugs, I see a number of us thought the same.

No, pls. do move them or unpot them to repot, as Toni suggested above, they need to become more established first.

Folks tend to pot these small, traditionally 3-5 cuttings into a 3 or 4" pot (plastic), much larger risks rotting them, the larger the pot, the greater the risk.

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Marjie. I normally start TC cuttings in shallow, 2-3" deep pots. 4-5" wide.

I thought perhaps you had different color flowers. That looks nice, too.

Are your TC's outside?

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They are outside, shade, if it gets over 85F I usally bring those in. But so far, they seem to really love it outside, seems to have brought them out to grow some. They were inside for a long time, than I thought they needed some fresh air, (this room is sooooo stuffy!!) and they seemed to really like it, I actually noticed a difference in just a few days. Maybe it was the company of the other plants?? :) but something happened. Something good.

Hopeful-- those are sooo beautiful!! How old are they before they bloom? I really don't expect any this year, would be great tho after all the troubles they had starting out. But I'm just happy they are still here and trying.

I am going to wait a while b4 putting them in one pot, just to be on the safe side.

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Thanks Marjie.

It's best outside..they'll grow faster.

Actually, the TC's in the small pots are a little over 1-yr. The hanging basket, God, I can't recall when they were purchased..lol

I keep TC outside until first frost..sometimes a little longer..before long, buds form. When temps drop to 40F, they're brought inside..By Thanksgiving buds are large enough to bloom..usually before..if room temps were cooler TC's would flower on Thanksgiving, but heated homes induce buds to open faster..and fade faster, too... :(

BTW, the basket fell one summer when outside and broke. I was soooo angry..lol. Each TC went in small pots...my baskets are either too large or too small, but I prefer different colors, and ONE container..lol..more space.

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