norma_2006August 19, 2010

Does any one on this forum grow Sansevieria as houseplants? Norma

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

Hi there Norma,
I do, I may have posted on the sans forum as well. I have cylindrica, birdsnest Hahnni I believe is the spelling, Masons Congo, and good old mother in laws tongue trif. The trif is supposedly cuttings from a gift to my uncles great grandmother in the 1800s it was a wedding gift to her, I almost killed it this year!

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Me too my Norma..:-)

I myself have four of them, but never a problem..I just ignore, and I think they are better off...I love these plants. They brighten up any dark corner, or space not meant for many other plant, and keep on going..


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marquest(z5 PA)

I have 4 and I love them because they are a no fuss plant. I do not know the names, I have a common one, one that is sliver that I brought back from a vacation trip, one tall varigated and two different birds nest.

I know the Sans forum is not active. I think these plants are so easy the most you can do is post a pic and say look what I have. LOL

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I have many pots of them also. I dont know what the names of mine are either but I do have a couple of birds nest type, some light green short types, some variegated upright ones and the old fashioned heirloom mother in laws tongues. I really have too many pots of them but they are prolific about multiplying and I have already given everyone that I know some of them and also have swapped alot here on GW, so I guess I am stuck with the rest. At least they dont need alot of care.... LOL

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I have the compact dark green and yellow one I picked up on clearance at Lowe's, which is growing very nicely!


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I am currently growing 17 varieties. I know the names of most of them, but am still at a loss on a few. I did manage to acquire a Mason's Congo recently, which made me quite happy, and I will be even happier once I get a Baseball Bat.


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Sort of.

I got a big S. Trifasciata freshman year of college and used to keep it kind of wherever it would fit over the last three years. Except last summer we got a kitten, and Sans are toxic to kittens, so when I had to bring it inside for the winter, I put it in my basement.

At that point I ended up forgetting about it, watering it maybe every other month.

Oddly enough, going without any real light for about half a year didn't really seem to bother it, although after I brought it up from the basement I proceeded to hack it up because it was seriously unmanageable. I sort of need to finish potting up whatever's left. Or not.

(In terms of huge houseplants, I also have a Afrocarpus gracillior, and unlike the other two podocarps I have, A. gracillior seems to grow crazy and constantly indoors. I'm sort of running into space problems, and I like my 'carps a bit more than my Sans, so...).

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I grow 8 of them (all different), basically they are all NOID's but except for 2 I think I identified them right.
One of the taller plants is a plant that must be close to 35 years old or even older. It's in pictures were I still was a child and I'm now 42. My Mom gave it to me ages ago. I repotted and divided it often... and still have it after all those years, looking good - young and healthy. Love this plant!

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Surprised nobody has said it yet. You say a Baseball Bat will make you happy.
Well, I have a Louisville Slugger you can have cheap:)


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Thanks, Christopher....I set myself up for that one! :)

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