Croton plants look like dying after repotting

skimaAugust 1, 2014


I am having a problem with my Croton plants after re-potting and my concern is if they will come back.

I had two Croton plants in one pot and they were getting to big for it. I split the two into two separate pots. This is obviously stressful to the plants and they became very week the day after almost as if struck by disease.

A number of folk told me that this is normal and they shall come back but on day two (today) they seem even weaker.

Here are the photos, the day photos are on day one, and the night photos are on day two:

Is there anything I should be doing or knowing when repotting / splitting these plants?

Would be grateful for any words of advice,
Thanks you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant Photos

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MsGreenFinger GW(8 Ireland)

Well, after repotting, mine dropped all its leaves but one. It took a while but it has lot of new growth now and even flowering! They will pull through just don't overwater them.
Also I have to ask what kind of soil did you use for repotting.

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Separating two growing together probably damaged a lot of the fine roots. They'll recover from that but it'll take more than a couple of days. Follow the advice about not overwatering them. Otherwise, they're quite a tough plant.

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thank you for the kind advice and sharing your experiences. The bigger plant look better now but it's smaller brother is not doing so well. I will let time do it's thing.

For potting I used Miracle Grow Organic soil and I use organic plant food liquid.

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