Deciding what to plant this fall

jennieboyer(8)September 1, 2012

Hi All,

I did my first "real" vegetable garden this spring, and now wanting to do my first "real" fall vegetable garden! My local supplier has several options for me and I need help deciding what to get. Here are my choices:

Broccoli - green goliath or waltham 29?

Cauliflower - snowball or early white hybrid?

Lettuce - rocky top mix, black seeded simpson, endive batavian, grand rapids, green salad bowl, redina, or red romaine? In terms of taste, I prefer "spring mix" types when I buy at the grocery store.

I live in South Georgia, so plenty of time to grow - first frost often into December.

On a side note, what should I be aware of in terms of pests, etc? How to control? TIA.....


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I suggest trying as many varieties as you have room to grow, because they will all be different. I would choose Goliath over Waltham 29, and good luck with any cauliflower. Cabbage is way easier than cauliflower. Definitely add collards, which will out-produce just about anything, and turnips for roots and greens.

You will need a pesticide with spinosad as the active ingredient to keep the armyworms and cabbageworms off of your broccoli. A few weeks ago at my little country garden center, they didn't think they had it, but I read labels until I found it. Spray every 7-10 days until bug pressure eases off in October. Good luck!

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In my garden, Waltham 29 produced heads the size of a golf ball. It was just not productive, not worth the limited garden space. I won't be planting it again. I'm trying Premium Crop Broccoli, which grew well in the spring.

This is my first fall garden as well, started planting last weekend in July. So I'll see if the timing works out for a good harvest here in Indiana. Best of luck with the adventure!

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Concur: Green G0liath performs better than Waltham, but hybrids like Early Dividend are much more dependable. Ditoo with Cauliflower, hybrids are much more dependable. I would recommend a BT product like DIPEL for cabbage worms. note cabbage, cauliflower, collards,and broccoli needs transplant at this date. It is a bit late to start from seeds.
As for lettuce, a mix may be more useful to direct seed. Otherwise just pick a couple of types (loose leaf, romaine, etc that you might like.

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