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I'm looking for a good 3-1-2 fertilizer to use as a general purpose fert in my raised beds. I use foliage pro 3-1-2 for my containers; is there an organic granular equivalent? Alfalfa meal seems like a great option, but nowhere local knows the NPK rating on it, they just buy it as bulk animal feed. Shipping fees online are... Prohibitive, unless there is somewhere I am missing. Anything good at Lowes or Home Depot? We have both of those locally...

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Alfalfa meal should be in that varying ballpark of nutrients. For N level just divide protein content by 6.25 so a 25% protein alfalfa meal will have 4% N. Phosphorus needs to be converted to P2O5(Phosphate) and Potassium to K2O (Potash) but I would expect P to be around .35-.40% and K to be ~1.5-1.8% in the alfalfa meal.

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Gardentone is 3-4-4 and they have it at Lowe's. You can also go to omri.org and search "fertilizers," then find a producer near you. I use a locally-produced poultry manure product (5-4-3) that is OMRI listed and cheap because it is produced only 50 miles away.

I like sticking with the OMRI list because they consider how the products are produced as well as the end results.

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