What causes eggplant turn yellow?

deep_south_gardener(z9b)September 13, 2009

Hey ya'll

My eggplants were full of fruit, they all turned

yellow. They did not fall off. They were

supposed to turn purple. Any one know what

may have caused this?



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Age, They turn yellow when mature. Purple is the immature color of some cultivars and they should have started that way. White eggplants of course start white, green eggplants start green. None of them turn purple from any other color.

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Very interesting.If what you are saying is true, then "DEEP-SOUTH-GARDENER"'eggplants should have been nice purple before that happened?
Is this the case, "DEEP-SOUTH-GARDENER"?

I have left one of my best Japanese eggplants to mature for seeds. I should expect it to turn yellow!?

I have learned that most peppers will turn red, when ripe.
I also left one cubannel pepper on and it has turned from pale green to beautiful red. The sweet gypsy is still pale green.

So, the color change of eggplant is also similar to peppers?Ha!

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True. Purple eggplants are purple from the bud and turn some shade of yellow when ripe. In the case of the purple calyx Asian types sort of a bronzy yellow. White eggplant is white asin the immature edible stage, turns a purer yellow when ripe. Green eggplant is also green until ripe.

Most peppers do turn red when ripe, but ther are a number of bells which turn yellow, orange or brown when ripe. A few hot peppers like Holey Mole turn brown when ripe.

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Yellowing is definately an effect of ripening. Do not eat it that way. If you leave an eggplant on your counter, rather than rotting, you will see it make all of the color transitions while it dries. I always get eggplants with a 'nose' so I name them and paint a face for my son to enjoy and leave it around for a few months.

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Very impresive, farmerdilla. Thanks!

I had not seen green eggplants. No, I take it back. I have seen Thai eggplants yhat are round and speckled green.

My seed Ichiban eggplant is over 12" long and about 2" accross at the thickest part.

Will my gypsy sweet pepper turn red too?

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Yes, Gypsy is a green to red cultivar.

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Why do say not to eat it when it is yellow, due to taste?

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Yes, Immature peppers have a different flavor than mature ones, while I prefer immature bells, other types are preferred ripe. Gypsys are perfectly edible in the light green or yellow stage, but most folks prefer ripe (red) flavor.

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i grew a Listada di Gandia plant, and the first fruits where gorgeous purple and white..but then the later ones were smallish, and turned more white. I picked one, and it was smaller than usual, to save the seeds. And the seeds are all brown and shriveled. It looks quite unhealthy.

Now I have another one, picked, and I'm gonna let it dry out completely. Is this the way to save seeds? By letting it simply dry out off the vine ? Thanks.

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To save seeds, the eggplant fruit has to be mature, Ripened on the vine. They will be some shade of yellow at that time. The seeds must be mature.

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my purple eggplant all started out purple,
and then started fading, to pink, to a washed out pink.....
are they losing some mineral on the uptake?

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I have "little fingers" eggplants. Most ripen to purple just fine. But a few are yellow. They don't feel ripe yet, let alone overripe. What's up? It's only on 2 plants.
Thanks in advance.

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I googled around a bit and found the term "solar yellowing." The following is from an article about solar yellowing in tomatoes, but perhaps a similar phenomenon occurs with eggplants? It has been a very, very sunny and hot summer here in Central Ohio, and although I'm not near my garden right now and can't check, I think that perhaps the affected eggplants are the ones not shaded by leaves. What do you think?

And are they going to taste the same?

"The reason for the yellow or yellow-orange color, rather than the normal red, is that the red pigment
(lycopene) fails to form above 30 degrees C (86 F). This phenomenon was first described by researchers in
1952 and was later confirmed by others. When lycopene fails to form, only carotenes remain for fruit
color. In the field, some red color forms when day temperatures rise above 85 degrees F because of
fluctuation in noninhibiting temperatures during other parts of the day or night. An orangey-red color
results. In production areas where temperatures do not exceed 85 degrees F, much higher red color

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My white eggplants have turned yellow, can I eat them if so what is the best way to prepare them. I prefer vegan if possible

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I had about four out of two dozen Rosa Bianca eggplants turn yellow this summer in Southwest Ohio. I also had a couple Ping Tung Long Japanese eggplants turn yellow. This is my third year of growing these plants from the same seed packets, and the first time I have ever seen anything like this. They were yellow like a raw egg yolk right from the beginning, but they looked healthy otherwise and continued to enlarge. All the normal Rosa Biancas are white with lavender streaks while the Ping Tungs were a dark purple. I definitely do not think this is a sign of over ripening. The yellow fruits were on the lower limbs and well shaded from the sun while fruits higher up were the proper color. This was a record breaking year for heat for us, so I suppose that could be a factor. I had enough good looking properly colored egg plants, so I just threw the yellow ones away. They just looked too spooky. I found some discussion on the web of this kind of thing being caused by a mutation. A few people cooked their yellow eggplants and said they were unusually bitter.

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My DW roasted the yellow egg plant, which had large round bb size seeds in it & she said it was fine.
I do not eat egg plant.
A friend said there should not be any green on purple egg plants fruits when it is ready to be picked.

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