Indoor Ivy Plant with dead leaves

RinkoAugust 19, 2014

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend bought me an ivy plant a few months ago and it was growing and seemed fine but about two or three days ago, the leaves suddenly started turning brown. Not all of the leaves, just some of them. It looks about the same now. I'm wondering whether or not it just needs to be pruned, or maybe needs more soil? I don't think I over-watered it. Could it also be because it sits inside a cyclical pot? Should I re-pot it in a normal pot?

I also can't seem to turn the photo the right side up on the forum :p it's the right side on my computer but won't get uploaded like that. Sorry! Hope it's still helpful.

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For people like me who view your post, we just click on the photo and it opens in a new screen the right-way-up. (Don;t worry, it happens sometimes on GW)
It's hard to see what the medium is inside that cylinder - it may be that the soil has gradually soured, or that because it can't drain and only evaporate, your water source has caused a build-up of salts.
It could also be some change in conditions due to inside conditions (air conditioners etc) versus outdoor conditions (change of direction of sun coming thru that window over the seasons).
Others will no doubt add their thoughts - mine is that the outside bit of ivy is quite saveable at present if you can find any sign of a node or root nubbin along the stem, cut it off just below and put it in water in a bright place to root while you deal with the rest.

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I agree with alisonoz and my thought to add is its not getting enough fresh air.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Given your situation, the 2 most likely issues are over-watering because there is no drain hole, spider mites because Hedera is typically a mite magnet indoors, or, if the planting has been established for more than a couple of months, the salt build-up Alison mentioned.

Weak plants don't usually yield cuttings with a high success rate, but because ivy has pre-formed roots that occur at every node, you might snip the terminal 5 nodes, snip the leaves off 3 of them by cutting through the petiole (leaf stem) close to the attachment point, and potting it in a conventional pot with a drain hole and fast draining medium and putting the cutting outdoors in open shade and out of the wind. I would take the remaining parent pot out of the pot it's in, remove the old soil, and also repot that in a conventional pot with a drain hole and fast draining soil. After the cutting roots and/or the plant recovers and they start pushing new growth, you can start regular applications of fertilizer.

PS - it's VERY easy for roots to get over-heated in a clear container - your set-up is essentially a passive solar collector. If any direct sun hits that container - it's a problem.


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Thanks so much for the help, everyone! I moved my plant out of the clear container yesterday and into a pot with a drainage hole with some fresh soil. Also cut off the stem and put it into some water. Let's hope this works!

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