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haxuan(Vietnam)August 28, 2010

I would like to share with you some photos of my plants. They might belong to the "houseplant" category but in my climate I grow them outdoors and only bring them in to enjoy when they bloom. They are:

- Holliday cactus

- Anthurium

Thanks for looking.


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Xuan, your plants are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics

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Very nice flowering plants you have there haxuan! I just love the pumpkin orange flowers on the last one!

Billy Rae

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Xuan, those are all just all of your plants! You truly have a green thumb or maybe 10 green "fingers",lol...that's why everything you grow are always so healthy and beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!


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marquest(z5 PA)

Gorgeous!!! I do not think I have ever saw a - Anthurium look so pretty and healthy.

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Hello Nancy, thank you for your comments. I assume the plants look good due to suitable climate though. But of course if you have a little "green" on your thumb, it helps a lot :-).

I have many plants that I wish to show but sometime, I'm kinda shy, you know. Hic!

Marquest: yes, I must agree that the bigger anthurium is quite healthy. I don't know how well anthuriums bloom in other parts of the world but this plant blooms for me non-stop, and each bloom lasts for... oh so long I don't remember how long :-(

I want to lower it but I'm not confident how to do it yet. I think it's a bit out of proportion. I've had it for about 5 years now!


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

As always Xuan - very lovely. Good job!

On the anthem - just wait until days are lengthening & chop it back as far as you would like with a sharp and sterile tool. Sealing the wound with waterproof wood glue (just a thin coating over the cut surface) would be helpful.


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Many thanks for the tips, Al. I will definitely remember what to do and will update with photos later.

You came in so timely :-)


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I am so envious of your living area climate overtime I look at your pictures..I have seen the plants that come out of your country on e-bay, and they are amazing as yours..
It is as if you are living in the biggest green house in the world..EVERYTHING grows so happily and merrily! I wish my plants could vacation

GREAT job...You are right, PUG definitely has a green thumb too..ALL here plants are beautiful...So are Al's.

I want one of them orange plants...I wonder if I can grow one of those up here? And where do I get one..?:-)


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Mike, I sincerely wish I could share with you guys some of my plants through the mail. These plants, as well as hoyas, are so abundunt and affordable here so getting them is not a big deal. The obstacles are the US agricultural laws.

If you know a way, please tell me how I can send some small plants to you through the mail.

The "orange plant" enjoys cool temperature. In fact, it could not grow if I moved it down to my Saigon garden. So I definitely believe it will live happily in your home environment, among your hoyas. It produces off-sets, too.


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It is absolutely beautiful...It reminds me of peace lilies...I wonder if those are the same plants I see my nursery selling on volcano rocks?

You are very kind for the offer...But you would have to send one of every tropical plant there to make me

Thank you so much for all the pictures you post..It is always a real treat..Especially looking at them in the dead of winter here..

Do you happen to grow citrus trees too? I LOVE those, especially for the fragrance..I can't imagine an unhappy citrus tree there..:-)


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