Is My Croton Petra Plant Flowering?

SummersoffAugust 14, 2012

I'm pretty much sure it is, but I'd like confirmation. I heard that to get a Croton plant to bloom is very rare. Is this true?

I don't do much with it at all. It faces a south patio, several feet from the sliding glass door. I do give it plenty to drink every 1-2 days. The soil is constantly dry if I don't. VERY thirsty plant! =)

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My crotons flower quite easily, but have never set seed. The flowers are pretty inconspicuous and are fairly easily missed if you don't pay attention to the plants. I think it's more a matter of being easily overlooked rather than being so rare.

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Summer, your Croton is definately blooming.
I too heard bloom Crotons are rare, especially grown in containers, and cold locations.

So, congrats on the blooms.

In some cases, less attention to a plant is preferred.

Hello Tropic...Toni

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I've read a lot about the rarity of blooms with the Croton Plant. Mine has been re-potted once and stands in a west facing window with bright sunlight 12 months a year. Blooms such as pictured occur often but I've never seen one this long before.

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Maybe it's just that the plant's matured enough, unless something else has changed. I have one that started flowering about 9 or 10 months ago and still hasn't stopped. However, most of the others I have flower for a while and then stop.

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