Small Peace Lily

simplegreenguyAugust 31, 2013

Hello, Just wondering where I may find a small Sensation Peace lily. All I have seen are almost full grown I like to buy small plants and let them grow larger. Thanks

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If all else failed you could get a full grown one and divide it up into as many small divisions as you could get it down to and then grow them all or give extras away as gifts or trades. Growing big plants from small divisions is fun! :)

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Thanks for your responce . I buy small discounted potted house plants after they are maked down. Just recently I purchase a ficus rubber tree it had 4 differnt plants for $2.00 and a Green and yellow Snake plant that had 4 plants for $3.00. I like to think Im frugal some say Im just Tight. Ha Ha

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To see markdowns and tell yourself no,and walk right by without even stopping to look takes willpower even for a fellow who's mindful of his spending.
I'm kinda the same way and just the other day I broke down because the deal was just too sweet.

So, wouldn't care to show off your new plants,would ya? If it's inconvenient I understand. :)

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Sure soon as I figure out my camera and how to post photos. Thanks for asking Ive been looking at all the photos and really enjoy knowing Im not alone in my plant hobby.

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