My new compost bin.

rubyredcornbread(7)February 8, 2013

All recycled wood-Took useless things around the yard apart! hehehe

Free landscape fabric-Still got a whole dang roll!

The metal on the door is the bottom from an old dog crate-I think I'm gonna weave it with vines.

Spent $10 on pipe & fittings for the canopy & I'm gonna grow vines up it from the 'side planter openings'

Like I said...this is rough, but whatcha think so far?

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i like it ............something outta nothing (or close to it) is aleawys better in my book........

.....and i like your name ruby !!!!

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Love it! Can you come and build one for me please! :) LOL!

I've been investigating compost bins but am going to go for a 'tumbler' as I have a shoulder & back injury so can't manually dig a compost heap to turn it over or even get the compost into a wheelbarrow. I'm hoping to make my own tumbler....eventually! I'm trying to source the barrels.

Your design looks very robust and it's great you were able to repurpose things you already had!

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Looks like it will be a winner. So you are going to turn it from the ends & grow vines over top to hide it & keep it cool. That's COOL! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Looks like a mini gazebo.
We don't cover our compost pile. Just wondering why you need a cover.


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Thanks everyone! Kathy-I don't want it completely covered, but I just thought something climbing up would "beatify" my slop pit! lol

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Marlene Kindred

Cool idea! Be sure to post pictures as you go. I have been wanting to make a bin myself, but it hasn't floated to the top of the list yet. I'm always interested in what other people do, so thanks for sharing your creation with us.

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Very nice. I like the idea of vines, will make a beautiful canopy effect. Love the idea of recycling.

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Looks like a winner! Just a hint on planting 'climbers'...don't plant Morning Glory unless you want MG to come up everywhere that you use your compost! ;-) I am still fighting that ...I planted beautiful 'glories' on the gate side of my compost bins! It looks pretty there but not so pretty when it tangles in w/my cukes climbing in the veggie garden! TFS! Jeanne S.

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jeanne S. -I know to well the horrors of MG's! lol I built the open 'planters' on the sides with climbing nasturtiums in mind...If the canopy gets too shady...Salad Time! yum

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9bark(6 semi-desert)

Loving it! Looks great and the vine idea I would have never thought of!

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