Houseplant Exchange - Chicago area -Oak Park Conservatory

dellis326 (Danny)August 31, 2013

Went last year, Cool stuff, nice folks working there.

More plants then people to pick them up. There is also some sort of garden plant thing in there morning, call them or look on the website for more info.

From their August Newsletter;
Title: Houseplant Exchange
Date: Saturday September 7, 2013
Time: 12:00 am - 2:00 am
Location: Oak Park Conservatory
Notes: Houseplant Exchange September 7

Saturday, September 7 from noon to 2 pm

Every year at this time we invite residents to bring us a rooted cutting or potted houseplant to share and in exchange get something from our collection. There are 4" potted plants grown by our greenhouse staff from cuttings of our tropical and desert plants from which to choose. The exchange will take place from noon until 2 pm on Saturday, September 7. This is a great opportunity to introduce you children to plants and the magic of nurturing a plant of their own.

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! I will be there, I should get going on some cuttings!

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