greyandamyAugust 28, 2011

Boy do they grow like weeds. I'm attempting for first year to overwinter 2. One, Picasso's Paintbrush, I occasionally trim the top back but I'm seeing the roots starting to push through the bottom of the pot. Nothing major yet, and I hope during the winter, IF it survives, it will slow.

Question, if necessary, can these plants be gently rootpruned? Gently means not hacking away inches, just ... some? I have nowhere near the energy yet to even consider this more, but I have been wondering.

Thanks for any responses!!!


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Grey,

I don't know that particular variety, but I had a multicolored Croton that I used to hack back from time to time. I don't know how gentle I was, but the plant was just fine. I'm guessing you could cut back the roots w/ no problem.

I've found these benefit from a pebble tray as well.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I cannot help I have killed everyone that I tried to winter.

I found this site that might help you.

By the way...I saw Picasso's Paintbrush last week and started to buy it and put it in a pot with a Spider plant because it reminded me of a colorful Spider. I could not justify killing a $20 plant. If it had cost less I would have tried it one more time. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Croton Society

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Amy, Picasso's Paintbrush is probably the prettiest of Crotons, but IMO, the most difficult over-wintering.

The loss of mine was my fault..let it dry too much. But, it lived 2 years, which is young for a Croton, yet survived the first winter.

Moose, I agree. If I found another at $5.00, lol, I'd buy one, but not 20.00. Toni

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Well, we'll see... I dislike hard to please overwinterers (Smile)... cranky, it's hot and I'm tired... PIcasso's I got early this year and yanked it apart and gave part to my mom. I also have one that's green with gold spots everywhere (ELeanor Roosevelt)... just repotted 3 little plants into one pot, brought inside today, we'll see.

Thanks for Croton Society link, they get... fanatical...!! Mars, I don't suppose you live near SW PA (Pittsburgh)? You could try (Smile)...

Glutton for punishment, I even started propogating the tops I cut back last month....who knows, I may lose them all.

Lesson in gardening, you try, often if it doesn't work, I don't try again (unless I'm really nuts)... i.e gardenias...

THANKS guys!

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marquest(z5 PA)

greyandamy, Yes I am in Pittsburgh. I saw the croton at Lowes in Monroeville. I have gone back twice to visit it but it is not coming home with me unless they mark it down. LOL

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marquest, how big was it? Mine's currently in 12x12" black semi attractive plastic pot. It's been haircut but it's at least 14" tall, and 10" wide. I brought in inside about 2 weeks ago after debugging it. It's soil is a mix of perlite, pine park, miracle draining stuff... Just wondering what they are asking, size....


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marquest(z5 PA)

It is in a large hanging pot. The size of the large annual pots they sell.

It is in a plastic pot that was made to look like wood.

I hope your plant survive the winter. Do not forget to report back in April how it made out. Maybe you can give me some hints how to keep one alive through the winter.

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