mommyandme2February 5, 2012

I've just joined Pinterest & FB. I've only set up 2 boards on Pinterest so far. One is photos of finished "junk" to inspire others. The other board is junk-related ideas to inspire me. I'm still keeping all these photos in 2 files on my hard drive, though. On Pinterest, pictures are posted via Image URL and, though we're all very excited about Pinterest now, I'm concerned we will soon end up with bulletin boards full of dead links. Maybe someone who knows more about "links" can reassure me. Maybe I'm wrong, but let's say a certain catalog is selling a new & rare color of morning glories this year. I "pin" a picture to my bulletin board. The URL tells me & others which seed catalog I got that picture from. Will the photo in next year's catalog have the same URL? What if there is a crop failure & the seeds are unavailable for a few years. If those seeds are not in next years catalog, will the URL be a dead link ?

Facebook is another story. I'm not finding it as user friendly as Pinterest is. -- Laura

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Laura, I've had the exact thought. There seem to be dead links already on some boards. I've been thinking about saving some of my inspiration photos on my hard drive in a Word document. Better safe than sorry !

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Marlene Kindred

I'm on there too and I've thought about the same sort of thing. If something is particularly of interest to me, then I keep a copy on my computer, but there are a lot pictures that I pin just because they are appealing to me. I find it therapeutic to browse through my boards and see all of the "stuff" I find there. Look me up or send me a "follow" link.

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kudzukween(8 MS)

this is all new to me, i just found it last night and going to go join in a few minutes.

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I love going thru pinterest, even though I haven't joined yet. An invite is lurking in my email archives.

If I find a particularly interesting picture, I just print it and keep it in my garden inspirations scrapbook that lives in my studio when I want to refer to it.

Sometimes it's not really the particular item I want to make, but the idea I get from an element in the picture to do something related but totally different. (weird, huh.)


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anyone else getting frustrated with the Craft/DIY selections? there are lots of things on there that have nothing to do with the catagory- I used to get six or more pin ideas from one page- now I'm lucky if I get one...

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To me, the recipes are more interesting than the garden junk, but my DD # 3 has found lots of ideas for fabric & paper flowers.

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