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jsouth20September 6, 2012

Hi folks,

I picked up some sweet potato slips at a roadside stand in central Virginia and they turned out to be wonderful. The only problem being I have no idea what variety they are. I was hoping someone could ID from the leaf. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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Sugar maple. Better get hold of some buckets and taps :)

Farmerdill may know, or Dar Jones. I'm not expert enough.

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Maybe Puerto Rico bush sweet potato

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There are dozens of Ivy leaf varieties. It can be narrowed down a bit with photos and description of the actual sweet potato.

Carver is the most popular, light orange flesh, not as sweet as the current commercial varieties Beauregard and Covington.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sandhill Sweet potato list

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Wow...thanks for all the quick help!! I wish I had a pic of the actual 'tuber'. The potato had pale orange-like skin, with the flesh being yellowish in color. Once cooked, the flesh seemed dry at first, but became very creamy with a little butter added. Also, it had a fairly sweet flavor.

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That narrows the list a bit. If light orange is a possibility can't rule that out yet. Yellowish could include cream fleshed varieties. Anyhow possibilities include: Carolina Nugget ( cut leaf, pink skin, cream orange flesh) Copper Jewel (cut leaf,pink red skin, light orange flesh) Goldrush Red (cut leaf, Pale orge skin, pale orange flesh) Gold Star (Cut leaf, pink skin, pale orange flesh) Carver ( cut leaf, pink-red skin, pale orange flesh) Nemagold ( cut leaf,orange-tan skin, light orange flesh)Oakleaf ( cut leaf, pink skin, light orange flesh) Red Ivy Leaf, Ringley's Porto Rico (cut leaf, tan skin, apricot flesh)

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