Garden Wheel Trellis

ladybugfruitFebruary 23, 2011

Greeting Garden Junk peeps! The good folks over in the Texas Gardening forum sent me your way for some ideas on the engineering of putting up some treasured garden wheels from my mother's garden.

I just moved into my dream home 6 months ago and have already bitten off more than I can chew :). I want to get veggies started and still have not decided on a final plot, so I am using one of the beds I just dug out to give them a home this year. That's where the wagon wheels will come into play. I figure they will give me more vertical space for vining veggies and want to make sure I get them up safely so no dogs, plants (haha, or people) are harmed from falling wheels. I have sandy loam and some little rocks to work with as far as getting them in the ground. The wagon wheels are pretty big. I would love input on how I can do this safely.

Thanks so much!


Here's a pic

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I'm afraid that wherever I've used these great RUSTIC old wheels, I've had a "post"...& usually use them as "lean-ers." They've always stayed in place "leaned" against the 4x4 posts...could wire them, if needed. Here's a pic:

Could use steel fence posts if you don't mind the look...or any kind of old farm equip pcs that could be driven into the ground.

Congrats on your new place & sounds like you're going to have lots of Garden Junkin' ahead! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Love the wagon wheels...I have some that are very similar. I would suggest putting a post in the ground and attaching the wheel to the post either by hanging it on a "spike" or wiring it to the post....good luck with your project!

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Well you could dig a hole, pour some cement, insert a heavy-duty U-Bolt, and when the cement sets up fasten the wheel.
I am open for ?s


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Sorry I forgot a few details.


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However you find to anchor them you will have a very eye pleaseing look. Love the old wheels and a super idea to use them to support your vining veggies. Jeannespines yours looks so homey, love the way you put all the old things together.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Robert, you're a hoot! Great idea though.

Ladybug, if your fence is sturdy you could hang the wheels on it. T-posts are also good for hanging this type of wheel. You can mount/hang a wheel on each flat side of the post so it's not as obvious, the plants climbing all over it hide it well too.
The wheels don't have to be in contact with the soil, the plants will reach up and find it. If you set in the plants behind the wheel (between the fence and wheel) they'll grow through the wheel toward the sun. Planting them behind the wheel will also protect them from curious or playful doggies.
I would want to keep the rims off the ground a few inches. It will make working in the beds easier and slow down the rusting out process. I've seen so many of these wheels ruined where they've been in contact with the soil. As yours have sentimental value I think you'd want to preserve them as long as you can.
Let us know what you decide.

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Thanks for the great suggestions...WOW, robert, thanks for the detailed pictures, am storing that idea away for later. Not sure if this bed will be their permanent home, but am excited none-the-less that I finally am going to get them in the design.
Jeanne, I love the look of what you did with yours too! I wish I could just "prop" em.
I am going to have to pull them out from the fence a bit because I will have them in a corner bed.
NM girl, I never thought about how the bottoms could rust out, thanks for the heads up. They are definitely very sentimental to me. Ya'll have been so helpful, I think I get the idea of the T post in the ground and them another horizontal at the top to attach the wheel right? Haha, I have alot of creativity (thanks to my mom) but get a little tripped up with the technical details sometimes. :)

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

What a great accent they will make in your garden. Be sure to post pics when you've got them in.

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Sandplum1(z7 Seminole, OK)

I also like the idea of the fenceposts, just for the fact that you could move and/or reuse the wheels in other places. I would've probably gone the less classy route of zip tying them to rebar posts in the ground, then propping the wheel up on a couple of rocks or bricks. (Assuming it was all covered by plant growth.) But the fenceposts sound much better.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Actually I was thinking of a wheel on each side of a T post.
Something along these lines: OlO or lOlOl The last one might work best.
It's not as classy a diagram as Robert's but perhaps you get the idea?

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AH ha! thanks for the clarification NM girl, haha, that makes more sense than what I was thinking. :) Hopefully I will be getting them up sometime this week. I will post the results!

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Well, they are in their new home! I didn't go with the fence post idea after all. I forgot we have some wiring (electrical and phone) running underground in that area and I was afraid I might run into issues. Also, the rebar was more cost effective. Got alot of projects with this being my first season here and I need to stretch it as far as I can.

Looky! :)

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It looks GREAT, ladybug! Will be a beautiful wheel trellis at the edge of your garden & I like the added bling on the hook in the middle, too! You lucky girl, you, to be diggin' in the dirt! TFS your wheel trellis pics! Jeanne S.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Very nice! That'll look great covered with plants and looks good now!

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a place near my sister has the wheel on a pole with gourd birdhouses and its really cute. the trellis is also a great idea. i have 2 wheels and haven't done anything with them yet. have to get it going!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Looks great!

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