Oak Park Conservatory Houseplant Exchange

dellis326 (Danny)August 17, 2012

September 8th


Any Chicago area people here every been to one of these? Is it worth going to?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

your link.

I've been to plant exchanges organized here on GW, and have organized a couple myself, great times, but never to one sponsored by a conservatory. If I lived nearby, you couldn't keep me away from that with nuclear weapons and a whole army platoon!

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Thanks for the reminder.

I went once by accident. We didn't know there was an exchange, so came empty-handed.

After talking to an adminstrator, he said pick out plants you like..I did. He 'GAVE' them to me for free.
He's a very, nice man, and quite generous.

I left with two full boxes.

Every Sept, I forget about the sale. I used to be on their mailing list. They also have herb and outdoor plant sales.

We went in the 90's, had a good time. Don't know if it's changed since, but if you remind me, lol, I am going to try making it this year.

There were a good number of tropicals and succulents...even citrus. Although, citrus was an ungrafted seedling w/numerous thorns.
But, plants were good-sized and healthy.

They accepted plant pots, 'plastic' of all sizes. Darn, I recently tossed at least 40 4" growing pots!
It's too late to start cuttings since the fair is so soon.

Are you going? Toni

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