Spider Plant Babies

mel_10(3)August 8, 2010

Hello all! I stumbled upon the GardenWeb website about a month ago and just absolutely love it. So much wonderful information, and tons of helpful people. I have a simple question concerning my spider plant and was trying to search for an answer but was unable to find anything. I am trying to root one of the babies on my variagated spider plant for my mom. I placed a tray of water under the baby, which is still attached to the mother plant. The baby has two roots growing on it already, the longest about a quarter of an inch. How long should I leave it attached to the mother plant? When should I place the baby in some potting soil? Any advice is most welcome.

Thanks, Mel

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Personally, I prefer rooting the babies in soil from the start. The transition from water roots to soil roots can be tough. Either way, I leave my babies attached to the mother plant until I see substantial new growth, then I cut the stem as close to the baby plant as possible.

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Thanks bunnygurl. I kind of figured that was case with rooting spiders after I started it in water. I have since placed the baby in some soil and it is growing happily :)

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I have an additional question about this:

My son came home from school with a spider plant, and he's supposed to grow it and bring it back each year for a "plant fair." I've never successfully kept a plant alive for more than six weeks, but this thing is thriving!! I was cutting the stolons, because I didn't know what they were, and I thought it would help the main plant grow. But after reading online, I left them alone.

Now I have seven little babies out of my not even a year old plant, and I'm trying to root one for Me. I've got a good candidate: nice large baby, pretty leaves, nice flowers. I filled a small pot with lightly watered potting mix. Then I placed the baby on top of the damp soil and secured with a twist tie folded over it: not binding it, just keeping it in place.

My question is this: how long will it take the baby to grow roots?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

They already have roots. Spiders are among the easiest plants to root because the plantlets at the ends of stolons come with preformed adventitious roots. Nestle them into a barely damp soil and keep it that way & they will happily take off.


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Thanks! I appreciate your answer!

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