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ladybugfruitFebruary 27, 2011

Ok, I am totally loving this forum. I love to recycle stuff and hate to waste. Ya'll are so creative over here and have inspired me. Had a big ol pile of "firewood" from a tree cut down a few years ago that the previous owners left. Well, since the fireplace is in dire need of repair (and we do live in Texas, how many times would we actually use it anyways)and I couldn't stand the pile being there anymore and then it hit me!! I am not done yet, gotta go get several more loads of mulch but I was so excited that the idea just kinda came to me and I think it will tie in beautifully with what will soon be my mama's memorial garden. It's a great spot too, can watch the sunset from this spot! Oh and I recycled the landscaping fabric the french drain guys used to pile up my dirt from the project (because of course, I am using it!)



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Looks Good!!!L.O.V.E. that trellis!!!!(and the sunshine!lol!)

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Great idea! I love the different levels you have now.

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Looks like it will be a lovely spot to sun yourself, watch sunset or soak up the garden looks like you will soon be planting!!Let us see the progress! Jan

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Me, too...love the different levels & those stumps of wood will last quite awhile! DH & I hauled out a bunch a few yrs ago by my log swing in the Secret Garden & stood them on end (like yours) & they are just now starting to rot! But for a couple years, they were great "hopping" stumps for the gr'kids! & they held up dirt for some prairie plants. And 1 good sized log I stood "on end" as a side table by the swing...maybe you need 1 by yours! :-)

Your place is lookin' GREAT! I'm still envious that you get to dig in the dirt at this time of the season! TFS! Jeanne S.

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What a great Momma memorial You are creating! Keep us posted!

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spedigrees z4VT

I'm envious too! That red earth looks so warm and inviting.
We're buried in snow and ice here, temps refusing to rise from the 20s except when it snows some more.

I have a semi-circle of stumps (from a dead tree we had cut down) surrounding a young flowering crabapple tree in a corner of the back yard to keep the dogs from peeing directly on it and the pony from nibbling the branches. I set flower pots on each stump in the summer. I figure by the time the stumps rot, the tree can survive on its own.

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Grin! Thanks ya'll!
My stumps are actually a little deceptive..alot of them are already rotting out a bit, but still have plenty of life left for the visual aspect for several years to come I think.
calamity - I love that trellis too! Still trying to figure out how to secure it somewhere over in the memorial area. The fence is not a good option for permanent attachment since it's in need of some work and darn it, I have this WONDERFUL sandy loam (always gardened in clay before) but on this end of the yard, the rock path you see the stumps flanking is pretty much what is about 2 inches under the dirt on that whole side! On the plus side, it's the only place I have to raise a bed.
sunnycal - thanks..it is a great place to hang out..I am happy to post as I add!
jeanne - thanks so much.. I spend every free minute of daylight these days outside. I truly admire those of you that are up in the cold areas. We had a week of super frigid temps and ice and I thought I would go nuts. Bring on the 105 degree days anytime over the cold.
Ya'll are all so kind! All I can say is it's good to be back in the garden again. Been 5 years since I've really been able to and I am LOVING it!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

That looks so nice. It adds structure to your garden and they'll look great with plants around. So jealous of the the sandy loam, we have rock and clay here. I use cut logs as bases for container plants.

Glad you decided to come on over and play on the GJ forum too!

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Marlene Kindred

Looking good! What a great spot for you to sit and daydream...love the look of the stumps too. Great job!

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We could shorten that to " MOMorial"Garden....

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