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dollydee(7-MS)February 6, 2012

Ok, so here are the pics...I need your input on whether to try to save what's here or salvage materials and rebuild. The pix start at the front of the old house, it was a 3 room house that's 100 years old. We used it back in the 70's for a concession stand when the ball field was here. The room on the left side is still even and square on the walls & floor is stable & sturdy. The room to the right is mostly gone. The back room outside wall has fallen, other walls, maybe?? The top of the old water sistern (sp) was concreted & I thought about trying to make a wishing well out of it, any other suggestions? This house is in at the front edge of our property so it's the first thing you see when turning in the drive...not a pretty sight!! LOL It breaks my heart to see it like this, I wish we had moved here sooner before it got to this state!! Open to any and all suggestions!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: old house

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Oh my! I would definitely try to save the portion that is still sturdy and square! The falling down portion looks like it's got plenty of raw material for smaller projects. How strong is the existing roof? I love the look of "green roofs" that are planted with succulents.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Oh I would try and salvage the building and rebuild as much as possible. What a adorable cabin that would make. Some white paint and pretty flowers.

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Marlene Kindred's gonna take some work no matter what you decide. I think if it were my DH and me, we would decide if we would use it where it stood first. If the answer was yes, then we would take the fallen part off and rebuild/renovate the leftover structure. The roof looks as though it might need to be rebuilt even on the remaining part, but you can reuse the tin if you're careful taking it off. If the answer to our initial question of whether we would use it where it stood was no, I would salvage as much of the wood as I could to use for other projects. And, I would make some of Jeannespines Barnwood blooms!! You could always rebuild a "new" structure at a better location on your property if it would be used more. Or, you could make several a playhouse if you have kids or GKids, a potting shed or small retreat, or an arbor. Just some thought to bounce around. Great old building though. It is a shame that they deteriorate to that point though.

Thanks for sharing it with us and let us see what you decide to do!

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I saw a picture of a wishing well that was interesting. They built the well and concreted a birdbath in the center of it where the "well" would be. Cute!

Looks like you have a lot of great material there! Good luck with your project.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

It's a beautifully atmospheric old building and it would be lovely to salvage as much as possible and renovate but try to keep the slightly shabby look. Aged and distressed - not too tarted up. I truly think the well would be better left as it is: a proper well which sustained life, not a fantasy 'wishing well'. I can see it as the centre piece of a beautiful garden without messing up the simplicity of the well head. It looks like a wonderful piece of historic rustic reality to me, not a bit of whimsy. I like the intimation of the people who settled there in that little 3 roomed house and worked so hard to make a living. I don't expect they had much time for cuteness and whimsy. Just my thoughts.

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dollydee...this would be quite an undertaking to refurbish the original! If it was DH & me, we would take it down & save every possible pc worth saving! & then re-build....& esp if you want to re-locate it on your property. And on the part that you say is fairly stable, maybe you could remove that in sections & use 'as is.'

There's so much to salvage here...wood, tin, doors, frames & those 6 paned windows! And I also would plant a beautiful garden surrounding the old sistern & leave it as is (historical pc of conversation!)...good luck w/whatever you decide! You could make a glorious garden shed out of this vintage farmhouse! Jeanne S.

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