My New Orchid

kaktuskris(5)August 14, 2011

Went to my favourite local greenhouse yesterday, saw another Mystery Orchid I couldn't pass up. My son bought it for me for an early birthday gift, $5, couldn't pass it up.

Tag said between blooms, but there are 2 flower spikes!

Will post on Orchid Forum to get an ID on this baby with the big psuedobulb!


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Beautiful Orchid and for 5.00! It looks like Phaius/Nun's Orchid, but that's a guess. Toni

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Hi Toni:

Someone on the Orchid forum said it was a Zygopetalum, and that looks right. Can't wait for the flowers!


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Chris! How are you? I hope your enjoying our short lived

Way to go. Congrats. Very nice.

Hi Toni:-)


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Hey Mike!

So how are YOU? Had a nice trip overseas back in June, maybe I'll post some plant pics from it.

So how are your succulents these days? Any new plant acquisitions?


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Hey Chris!

I have had a tough summer. I fractured my heel in three places and I am still off my foot since June. Oh, how I long to get back to caring for my plants properly.

The jades are looking great and thank goodness they are not high maintenance plants. I have not touched them since the accident and they are thriving and turning colors.
Yes I did get acquire more. I got a few Hoya, a few more Citrus, a couple of Brunfelisa, and a few Gardenia and did I forget the others?lol
I am thinking about getting one of these beautifiul plants you got.I think you just gave me an incentive.

Where did you go? I can't wait to see the pics. Knowing you, you were probably in a place where all our succulents come from and looking very hard among the fields, secluded and open places looking for anything different.
I just can't believe how many of these Orchids you see in full flower sticking to trees all over in the Caribbean.


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Christopher..Those on the Orchid Forum know more than I regarding orchids. lol.
I'm an orchid novice..don't have many either.

Did anyone tell you the time of year this variety blooms? And how often?
It sure is different. Rare, indeed.
I'd love to find one. lol. Unfortunately, stores here sell very common orchid types.

You'll have to post pics when it blooms.

Mind if I ask where you went on vacation? While there, did you get to see plants? Bring any back? :)

Howdy Mike..Hope your foot is getting better. Fractures/sprains heal with time, but for now, it's best you stay off your foot.
It's hard, especially with so many plants, but worth it in the end.

So, you ended up getting more plants? lol. You sound like me. 'I've had it, that's it! No more plants.' Yeah right, easy to say, not to do. lol..Take care of your foot, Toni

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Hey Mike!

How did you manage to break your heel? Ouch! Hope you are back to normal soon!

Wow, so you did get quite a few new plants, great! I wish I had room for larger plants, I just squeeze in a few smaller ones when I can. The new orchid, the Zygopetalum, I couldn't pass up. Once I saw that big psuedobulb, I wanted it. And at that price, couldn't let it go by. Lake Street doesn't have a lot of Orchids at present, but there was another $5 one, similar to the one I bought in the Spring, a nice Oncidium.

By the way, during my stay in the Philippines, a lady gave me 2 small Dendrobium cuttings, a nice souvenir!


My new Zygopetalum has two flower stalks as you can see in the photos, of 5 buds each, and it should bloom within a week I would guess. I will post picture of the flowers when they open. I read the flowers are usually purple, with a heavy fragrance of hyacinth. Yes, it is not a common orchid, some orchid books don't mention it, or if they do, give little information. It comes from Brazil.

As I mentioned to Mike, I went to the Philippines, so many nice plants there. Coconut palms, papayas and bananas everywhere! Even some succulents in that very humid place, saw lots of huge E. milii, some large Desert Rose, also Orchids, of course, and huge Crotons and Plumeria. Brought back some seeds, and just the 2 small Dendrobium cuttings. I put some photos on the C&S forum, so take a look!


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Christopher, left a message on C&S Forum. Wow!

Have you sowed seeds and rooted Dendrobium cuttings yet? If so, how are they doing?

I found some info about your Zygopetalum. According to the article, the 'fragrant' blooms come in shades of green, burgundy, raspberry and purple.

You are so lucky finding this gorgeous Orchid. Was it the last one? Toni

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Hi Toni:

Saw your message at C&S and replied!

I have the little Dendrobiums growing is some spaghnum moss currently, one has a new leaf bud coming. They were very well rooted keikis from a very large plant. I think I have a photo.

The seeds are mainly of palms and other trees I picked up on my travels, and I have yet to sow some.

Thanks for the info on the Zygo. Yes, it was the only one like it. And with two flower stalks at only $5! They were selling an Oncidium out of flower for $5 as well, but I bought a nicer one from them back in the Spring for the same price, and that is doing very nicely.


Philippine Dendrobiums

My $5 Oncidium

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The Zygopetalum is really making me wait. The flower buds are getting larger, but haven't opened yet. The suspense is killing me, as I know the flowers are going to be nice!


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Here is the orchid in bloom. Posted elsewhere also, but put here for Mike and Toni to see.

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It's beautiful!
Lucky find. :)

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Oh Christopher! What a beautiful flower!!! And all those buds too. Once they open, oh boy, it's going to be a show-plant, not that it isn't already. Love the red flowers.
I've never seen flowers like yours. Red w/white edging. Does some have green edges, too, or am I seeing a leaf?

You must tell me where you find Orchids for 5.00. j/k. Don't reveal your secret store..Claim it as yours. lol

Christopher, what type of palm seeds did you find? If you don't mind me asking, what country?
I still have to sow Bottle Palm and B. luxurians seeds. Don't know if I should wait until spring, or sow a few of each now, then remaining seeds next spring. What would you do?
The palm seeds are huge. The seller gave me at least 30 so there's more than enough, but Begonia seeds are like ash. It's going to be fun seperating, lol.

Are your Palm seeds large? If they are, do you soak prior to setting in soil/medium?

One more question. I believe you said your Orchids were in Sphagnum. Alone or do you add other mediums? If they're in straight Sphagnum, how often do they need watering? Toni

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Thanks for liking my Zygopetalum. I think it was a lucky find for the price, the only one like it they had, and with 10 flower buds, too! That is why I had to get it. I would have called the colours burgundy and purple, with some green and white.

Oh, the palm seeds I picked up in the Philippines I think are Christmas palms. I don't usually soak before planting, but maybe that aids in germination? I would plant some seeds now, and some in Spring if it were me.

I am not an orchid expert, I have 5 or 6 now, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Cattleya and Zygopetalum. My Dendrobium cuttings from the Philippines are in sphagnum moss only because that was the only medium I had on hand at the time. My other orchids are in bark mix. I water them all once a week.


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Toni: You know how it is? You stand there debating if you should get another and try drawing a plan up in your head wondering where it is going to fit. Then you get that splitting head ache and a bit overwhelmed and say, "what the heck, there is always room for one more"
How have you been?

Chris! What a find and let alone beautiful flowers! I would of never knew by looking at the plant it would of looked like that. No wonder they sell them out of flower so cheap until someone like you comes along and sees a good deal. You know what you are buying, or should I say your thoughtful and kind son?
You know, guess where I am heading this weekend? lol
I think that Orchid will do great even without humidity come the winter, right?

Toni: I know where his secret store

Chris: I can't believe that you have palm seeds too! I keep telling my father to find me a few before he comes home from the Caribbean's and never does:-(

I broke my heel falling of a ladder. It has been ten weeks now without being able to walk and I am starting to get worried about my plants. I think we are suppose to be in the 70's for the next ten days, I hope.
I still can't get over all those succulents you saw in a region such as that!
I remember you pictures being so beautiful and you looking quite dapper yourself.

Thank you for your well wishes Toni and Chris!

Chris, you should think about going to the cactus and succulent show in town around here come the Saturday after next. It is big and you will find all kinds of gems. I think I could get you in for nothing.


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Hey Mike!

Nice to hear from you. Wow, is your heel ever going to heal? I just made a joke!

I liked the looks of my Zygopetalum even before it bloomed, I'm a sucker for nice big psuedobulbs. And the flowers, wow! If I hadn't picked it up I would be kicking myself. Ever not buy a plant and then regret it later, and when you go back to get it, it is gone?

I picked up a free orchid yesterday, in the photo below. May be a Laelia. It was soaking wet when I got it, with lots of rotted roots and brown leaf tips. I pruned the roots and the top and repotted it. Saw some latent offshoot buds and some healthy roots, so I have some hope for it.

I wish I had brought back more seeds from my trip, but was occupied with other matters. But I did sow a few seeds of those I brought just to see if they germinate.

Mike, can you email me about the cacti and succulent show?



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These blooms on my Zygopetalum are long lasting, still as fresh today as when they first started to open. I would recommend this orchid to anyone new to orchids in general. It is something different, a change from the ubiquitous Phalaenopsis, and the flowers are amazing!


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Hey Mike. How's your foot? Any improvement?
Also, how is your mom doing?
I swear, when it rains it pours.

Ha Mike, so you know Christopher's secret store? lol. Wish I lived east. We could all go plant shopping..just the three of us.
Oh yeah, there is always room for one more. lol

Did you guys make it to the Succulent Show? If so, how did it go? What and how many sux did you end up getting? lol

Christopher, so your Orchid is still blooming? Amazing. Some orchids have long-living blooms, but it's been a long time since you posted when it started.

Christopher, please don't temp me. I have a few orchids, but dont want to get started on growing more of another family. lol. Toni

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Hi Toni:

On the Zygopetalum, all the blooms are still going strong. I am quite amazed with the flowers, honestly. Now, I don't know about you, Toni, but I can't pass up a free orchid. I just picked up two free dried out Phals I am trying to rehab, I am hooked now!

Mike was kind enough to invite me to the C&S show but unfortunately I had previous plans. Now I wish I had cancelled them to go to the show, I am sure it was nice.
And I hope Mike posts photos, so I can kick myself for having missed it.


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Christopher..did you say, 'FREE' Orchid? No, I sure wouldn't pass up a free or 5.00 Orchid, lol.

Don't get me wrong, Orchids are beautiful, especially in bloom, but once I get hooked on a family, I want one of each species. lol..

The problem is space. Every window, bright corner and quite a bit of ceiling space is filled with plants. Plants cover windows instead of curtains/blinds.

It's too bad you missed the succulent show. Mike probably had a great time. If he has pics I sure hope he posts, but since they're succulents, they'd probably be on the C&S Forum. I'll have to check.

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Hi Toni:

Yes, I got 3 free Orchids lately; the one I posted a photo of above, which was overwatered, and those 2 Phals I mentioned which had been underwatered. For Orchids, I really prefer those with nice psuedobulbs.

I think I did see your plant setups in one of your posts, Toni, I see what you mean about a problem of space!

Haven't heard from Mike about the show yet, hope he enjoyed it. Now I am waiting for Lowe's to mark down their succulents, saw they were 50% off just today, and then later they go to 75%. Think I will have to find room for a few more then!


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Hi Chris and Toni!

Been thinking of you both. I have been in tons of pain and yet I was able to make that show. Oh I wish you could of gone Chris. I was saddened you did not. SO much great plants!

Love you plants! You know there is always room for one



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Sorry I didn't make it, Mike, should've cancelled my other plans...Sorry you are still in pain, is the heel ever going to heal? Did you take any photos, and did you buy anything at the show?



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HEY Chris!

Oh, did I ever, real cheap of course since I helped. I have a friend that collects rare plants and asked for a couple too. He is very generous.

I will post a couple of pics of them later today for you. I have been on the mend for almost 3 months which is about average or a bit quicker than most who fracture their heels. I fractured mine in 3 places which is attached to the Achillis Tendon which got hit hard. All the tendons and ligaments which got damaged are what is taking for ever to heal. The fractures themselves are ok.
I am anxiously getting worried about all my plants outside, but am managing to protect them.

Do you realize we are suppose to warm up, thank goodness?:-)

Thanks Chris

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Howdy Chris and Mike,
How I wish I could have gone. Mike, wish you would have mentioned the show before. I need a break anyway.

Was the show held one day? As fearful as I am of flying, I would like to have gone. Could have stayed at a motel/hotel for a two-day vacation. It would have been fun..the only problem is, are plants allowed on a plane these days?

There's no way I'd have driven there since I get lost driving here, lol. Oh, now you got me started.

Mike, please post your new sux. What size pots were they in, and a general cost? Did they sell Hoyas, too?

Speaking of posting, Chris, when are you going to post pics of your Phals? Don't think you have, yet.

Mike, sorry you're in pain. If you were given pain meds, take them. It's better than suffering.
How long were you at the show? Now you say you helped? Shame, shame.. :)
Your foot will never get better if you're standing, let alone carrying plants, etc.

Did you start bringing plants in yet? Or is it too soon? I'm thinking of hauling small sux inside before autumn rain starts. Afraid they'll rot. sigh.

Plants do so well outside, I dread bringing them in the house.
The good news is, since it's fairly warm today, the heat isn't pouring out of vents. Bringing plants indoors once heat is on is extremely hard on plants. Especially after being summered outdoors in sun, humidity and fresh air.

Wish I lived in z9..Toni

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You get lost? No way. If you can find your way from the kitchen of your home to the bedroom through all those plant you have with no problem, you would do just

It was a 2 day event and it was just awesome! I met Tom over there from the Cactus Forums and he was so nice. We had fun there.He did post some pics at the Cactus Forums. You should of seen the plants they had outside for the summer! All the colors, cactus, aloes, succulents and tropicals of all kinds in several courtyards! It was the last weekend for them to be outside, so I was so lucky to see them all and the nice view of the skyline. The place sits on a hill. Just beautiful.
I wish you could of came too. Maybe next year? You would have a ball and no shortage of very hard to find plants.

My niece was rushed to a Boston hospital because she stopped breathing. My little helper, she is 9. She has Asthma and it hit her hard. She is still in ICU so I had no time for pics.:-( Soon though.

I actually got away with free plants for helping for an hour or two, then I was gone. I do admit I did a lot of walking amongst the plants outside.
It can take several weeks before all the swelling stops. Thank you so much for your kind words.

None of my plants are inside the house yet. I just stuck many of them in the greenhouse and I will take a pic tomorrow. I will take many out again and just place them in the yard since the temps will be warm and humid for a few days. Yahoo!

Yes, living in any zone larger than 7 would please me just fine.

Hope you have a great night. I am tired.


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Mike, I use a compass to go from room to room. lol.

Mike, is your niece doing better? I sure hope so. Asthma is so horrible. Is she on medication? That poor kid. I really am sorry.
A few kids around here have/d Asthma, each used to carry breathing inhalers, no matter where they were, school or outside playing.
I felt so sorry seeing these little kids. It's heart-breaking.
Anyway, I pray your neice is better today and the future.

The C&S event sounds wonderful..Sure wish I could have gone..Yep, maybe next year.
Wish there were shows here. There are garden clubs, but most deal with outdoor gardening, herbs, etc.

I looked for the thread on the other forum---can't find it. lol.

Mike, walking on your injured foot for 2-hours is a No-No. Did you tell your doctor? lol. I'm sure he/she would be very upset hearing you were at a plant show, moving plants, tables, pots, what have you. Shame-shame.
Stay off that darn foot! That's an Order!!! :)

How many plants are you going to bring in then take out? Mike, stay off your foot! lol. Seriously, it'll never heal if you continue doing what you're doing..It won't happen now, but old injuries are sure to haunt us in the future. Three-fold.

I've brought plants in, 'especially my Gardenia, CC/TC and Geraniums,' when temps were near freezing, then brought them back out again. But, they went on the front porch, which is a skip and a jump away.

After hauling plants in, that's it. Seeing one spider is enough, don't want to see flocks. lol.

PS: Stay off the foot, and your niece is in my prayers. Toni

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Hi Mike and Toni:

Mike, sorry to hear about your niece, hope she is fine. Wow, didn't know a fractured heel took so long to heal!

Waiting to see your photos from the show. And what plants did you pick up? I do regret not going now. Hope you can get some help getting your plants inside when the time comes. Luckily no frosty nights coming up soon.

Toni, I would be embarrassed to show you those 2 free Phals now. They are in rehab, starting to perk up a bit. The roots were healthy, but the leaves are narrow, I believe due to the poor care they received, which was underwatering. My other Phal, which I managed to get one whole flower from a few months ago, I got from Lowe's last year for $2. That one had been overwatered, the roots were dying. Still needs some work to be back to health, but here is a photo of the flower.


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Christopher. You don't have to be embarrassed. Actually, a before and after picture would be perfect.
Seriously...Some people post pics of plants they adopted that were either over-under-watered, or tossed outside.

Every week or so, they post a new pic of the plants progress. Sometimes months.

Of course, since you're in z5, it will probably take a little longer to resume your Orchids health, but I know you can and will accomplish this feat.

The flower is beautiful. So lovely. No mars, discoloration.
Are you fertilizing? Superthriving? Toni

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Chris: That is a beautiful flower! I have never had success with these ones because I now keep my only sunny plant room very cool all winter.
If I had another very sunny room, I would keep that one warm and do orchid crazy!

Thanks for your kind words as well as Toni's. I wished I could of met you there at the show. I will let you know when the spring one comes. You would be amazed at the unusual plants you can get there. I will link you to my thread that will give you an idea of what I got.
I know how much you like succulents!
Maybe I can send you another cutting of something for you.
I think you will like the colors.

Hi Toni my dear friend! Hope you all have a great day!


Here is a link that might be useful: My plants from the Cactus Show.

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Hi Toni and Mike:

OK Toni, here is a photo of the two free Phals together in one pot in rehab. You can see they need a lot of work, but have some good healthy roots, and some new leaves coming. There is hope, but it will take some time. For the Phal that bloomed, that was from a side branch off of one of the two spikes. I had buds on the other spike, but accidentally knocked off the side branch. So ended up with that single flower!

Hey Mike! I will look at your link after posting this. I am sure you got some nice things, you have good taste in succulents. So what is the cutting? I would love to see it!

Mike, some orchids do better in cool conditions, maybe one would work in your plant room. Phals like lower light, but higher temps.


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Mike, Chris and others might disagree, but as far as my Orchid collection, most are Phals. They're in a very cool room, some bloom all winter and part summer long.
They don't require a ton of light, 'mine are in a north window, under lights, during winter.'

Mike, you know I LOVE variegated plants??? Some of my Orchids/Phals are variegated or spotted leaves.

How's your foot? Getting better, I hope..and your niece? Poor kid..

Chris...I was expecting to see an Orchid torn to shreds..Instead, I see two lovely plants, with deep, green leaves..
You're doing a fantastic job. What size is the pot?
Soon they'll be fully rooted, then start blooming. You'll see. Toni

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I should have qualified my statement about Phals liking higher temps, by saying they like them more than some others, like Cymbidiums.

Thanks for the compliments on the two rehabbing Phals. It will be interesting to see how they fare. They both have a new leaf coming along, always a good sign.


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Chris. Thanks a lot! I never knew much about Phals but I can tell you that the one you have has quite potential in your care. It already seems to be perking up quite a bit and much more happy.
Listen, as soon as I hear of a new show come the spring, I will let you know. I would love for you to see what you missed out on:-)
Lucky us, it is still warm enough to go out without a jacket and keep our plants outdoors!

Toni:Oh yes! I know how much you love You and I are in this race together.
I never knew Phas could handle cool conditions. I don't heat my room all winter, so the highest it ever gets in their is in the 50's. It is a very bright room though. All my citrus love that room with the benefits of no bugs.

Thanks. The foot sis coming along but a constant reminder that I damaged it when I first step on it in the am after a restful sleep. It drives me crazy. I have to slowly step on it until it stretches! I hope it gets better soon. I am just glad to be able to be in control of my yard now and my plants!

Variegated or Spotted Phas..Now come


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Hey Chris..Will you place your Orchids under artificial light during winter?

Another leaf. Very good sign. You sounded a little worried when you first brought them home, since the previous owners weren't caring for them properly.
Now that a new leaf grew, you KNOW it's alive and well. Especially this time of year.
You guys are lucky it's sunny. We've had five, straight days of rain and clouds..boohoo.

Mike..You best stay off that foot! One day in the future, your foot will hurt. You'll say, "Toni was right, I should have stayed off my foot." lol. Seriously.

Yep, variegated Orchids. I've got a few pics. Some pics were taken in 2009. I need either new batteries or new camera. The batteries aren't that old, but the charge lasts about 15 mins, if that long.


Ludisia flowers

Variegated Phal

Variegated Phal 2

Orchids, Variegated 3 and 4

Variegated Vanilla Bean Orchid

That's it for variegated. Remaining Orchids are green.
As soon as my camera is fixed/replaced, I'll have to update.
I suggest you guys get what's called Extra Variegated Vanilla Bean Orchid. I also have a green, over 10-yr-old Vanilla, but it's never bloomed. Still, variegated leaves are beautiful, even w/o flowers.

Well, going to get to bed, so tired. Toni

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Never saw variegated Phals like the first two of yours. Nice!

I do not use artificial light for any of my plants. Don't have the room, really. Phals don't really need a lot of light, from what I have read.

Today was rainy, but we had some beautiful weather lately otherwise. The good weather won't last for too long, unfortunately, as October brings a steady decline.


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Hi Chris.. Won both variegated Phals on Ebay from a seller MDA. (2 leaves.) I was a little shocked by their size, considering the price was a tad 'dearer' than I'd normally pay. But, they are a rarer species, so it was worth it.

Both Orchids have grown somewhat since the pic was taken..My camera/batteries isn't/aren't working which is the reason I posted an older pic.

If you don't mind me asking, where do you set your plants?
I use 3 lights..all shop lights which are inexpensive. Since plants are near windows, the lights are turned on at night. This way the electric bill isn't outrageous.

Last week was Hell Week. Seven days of gloom and non-stop rain. Thursday night, winds were tornado-like. Friday morning half my plants were lying horizontically. Ground was muddy, so it was a pain going outside, lifting and re-lifting. However, I decided to bring some sux in for fear they'd rot from the non-stop rain.

Today is sunny but quite cool. Last time I checked it was only 54F. Can't wait till summer, lol.

Hope your new Orchids are doing well. Toni

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Hi Toni:

Most of my plants are in or near east and south facing windows. The Phals do not get direct sunlight, as I know they are one of the orchids with lower light requirements. I should probably have lights for some of my plants, but I have no room, so it's basically they adapt to my conditions or else.

It seems one of my free Phals is doing better than the other, as on one the new leaf is growing much faster than the new leaf on the other one. They are in the same pot. It will be interesting to see how they do. Someone has offered me some free Dendrobiums, just hope they get back to me.

Good luck with those variegated Phals, never knew they existed.


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$110.99 | Hayneedle
Natural Coral Fleece Furniture Throw
$21.99 | zulily
Home Decorators Area Rug: Cyrus Burgundy 3' 6" x 5' 6"
Home Depot
Runner: Chilstoon Light Blue 2' 6" x 8'
Home Depot
Anywhere Copper Vase - Set of 3
$89.99 | Dot & Bo
Pokhara Grotto Grey Rectangular: 5 ft. 6 in. x 8 ft. Rug
$999.00 | Bellacor
Alliyah Handmade Bluish-Grey New Zealand Blend Wool Rug (2.5' x 8')
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