Hypoestes problems

jammin_360(8)August 18, 2011

I got a Hypoestes from a friend not too long ago but ever since it's been living here the plant has been getting progressively worse.

The leaf tips started out turning brown and eventually the whole leaf would die and fall off. It's starting to happen to more and more leaves now on both new and old growth. I was giving it very bright indirect light for a while and now I put it in a shadier spot after my friend told me that's where she keeps her plant (which is doing quite awesome). I gave it quite a bit of water when I transplanted it but the problem is still happening after the soil has been dried out a little more. It's in regular potting soil and I only used compost tea on it once, no fertilizer.

Please help, I love this plant.

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Jam, did you friend give you rooted cuttings or a full plant?

Questions need to be asked before the correct answer is given.
Is your Hypoestes in the proper size container?
About sun. Are the black leaves crispy or soft? Sun-burned leaves redden, blacken and/or crisp foliage.

You said you gave it a lot of water...Does the pot have drainage holes? Was the soil wet when you added more water?

Hypoestes do well in medium light. Although they can die if left to dry to the point of cracking, soil should dry a bit between waterings. Especially in cool-cold rooms.

Hypoestes need fresh, circulating air. Without, they will attract Spider Mites.

Have you checked for insects? Look for webbing, white or brown fuzzy/bumps. Toni

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It was a rooted plant.

It's in a container that is plenty big for the root ball and has plenty of drainage.

The leaves turn darkish but they don't crinkle up and break very easily. (I'm guessing this is soft?)

I watered it a bit to help the roots settle after I transplanted it and the soil wasn't very wet at all. I never let it dry out to the point you are talking about and bugs are definitely not the issue.

It has been in bright indirect light.

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Jamnin, you're doing everything right, but I'm unsure about pot size and watering.

You wrote, 'The container is plenty big.'
How much space is between the root ball and inner pot?

If the pot is too large, it's possible soil is staying wet for prolonged periods.

Watering after transplanting was the right thing to do, but the soil should have been thoroughly watered, (not watered a bit,) so the entire rootball got a drink.

Hypoestes are grown as Accent/annual plants here in IL. Outdoors, in the ground, they 'usually' need daily waterings, but when grown in a container, indoors, if soil stays wet, the plant can develope all types of problems, including Spider Mites.

How's your Hypoestes doing now? Any better? Toni

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