just wanted to share

plantmasterm(z7)August 26, 2012

hope I did this right, I have major problems in this area.. if I did do it correctly enjoy.

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sorry I want to share more but can't seem to get 1 photo at a time, could someone pls walk me thru the procedure to share more than one photo at a time

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and another

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Here are instructions on posting multiple photos -
credit goes to Rosemary aka RoRo (rosemaryo6):
(btw, PB stands for Photobucket)

Okay~Go to your PB album.
1) Hover over a pic you want to include & mark the box directly beneath the pic. Go to the next pic, repeat & so on~till you have selected the ones you want. If you are going to do ALL the pix in the album, you can skip this part.
2) Scroll down to bottom of page (here you can check box to Select All-if that is what you want) Click on Choose action.
3) From drop down menu, select "Generate link codes for selected"
4) Code link page shows up: select 1st section "Clickable thumbnails" (if will briefly show the word "copied"-then fade)
5) Go back to tab for GW
6) Insert what you copied into your post (or your reply) by right-clicking mouse to Paste
7) I change the code so it does not put just one pic per line. I have found that 4 thumbnails across works best. (You will probably Preview Message many times before clicking the Submit button)
8) First, I highlight & delete the code for centering at the beginning & the end of the group pic urls. (left arrow center right arrow ~ and the end code has a forward slash in it) You can leave it if you want-I'm not sure what it looks like with blocks like these. I forget. :) Taking it out lines up photos to the left edge.
9) The way you get one pic next to another: at the end of each pic url (which is indicated by a left arrow, a forward slash, an 'a', & a right arrow) Looks like the following without the spacing I put in: ...you place your cursor after the right arrow, then click space bar once & delete button once. You can go Preview Message to see if it worked, but when back to make corrections, it's sometimes tricky to find your place/where you left off. LOL

  1. Repeat the space/delete sequence after 2 more photo urls. (You will get good at counting photo urls to figure out where you are.)
  2. After 4th pic url, you want to make a line space (to separate the rows), so hit Enter key twice.
  3. Now on to the next block (row) of pix, if there are more...go back to 9) and do again.
  4. It's up to you how many you have in a row. Just Preview Message to check everything before you Submit! You might have gotten 3 in the row instead of 4 & have to go back to adjust. It's good to make note of which pic is out of whack -if named- to find the url with that name to change spacing, etc.
    If you have really short filenames, this will be much easier than when I do it, as mine are very long, making it more fun finding the end of the urls! Also, if you have a free acct, PB sticks an additional blurb in the urls to take folks to pages with advertising. You can delete this if it's there, but I think I'd confuse more if I tried to explain.
    Remember... EACH time you make a change, you have to click the Preview Message button or the change will not be made when you click on Submit Message.
    If you goof on something, you can always go back~restart or recopy. It just take a bit more time...if you have it! Once you've done it a few times, it'll be a cinch!
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thank you rina

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