Glass plate & silverware windchime

toomuchglass(5)February 2, 2010

My first project in a CLEAN CRAFT ROOM ! YIPPEE !!!

I just love things I've seen with hanging silverware , so I thought I'd jump in & get mt feet wet . (I never did it before .) I found an old glass plate & odd silverware to use in my stash. I LOVED beating the heck out of the silverware to flatten them !! LOL It's sort of comforting in a strange way ~~ hehehe I wrapped the plate in lead came ... soldered on beads & rings ... here's the result

( hanging on my tan wall ) I think I'm addicted ...!

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Beautiful!!, like the addition of the little beads & the metal around plate!! Blue in center of plate really completes the great look!! Happy crafting in your clean house!!! 1st project is a winner!! Jan

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That is wonderful...Looks indian...

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Good for you, toomuch! Looks like a fun project...I especially like the "lead came" around the plate & the soldered rings...silverware looks great! TFS! Jeanne S.

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This glass/silverware chime is lovely. I like everything about it. Question: I don't solder, so is the came soldered to the plate or is it just wrapped around it??


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Marlene Kindred

Love it! I have the same question as you have to solder the lead edging or is it just wrapped? Inquiring minds want to know!

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That is beeeutiful! I love the blue and silver together. Congrats on the clean room. I really need to learn to solder and I think I have some plates like that. I'm happy to see some activity on the forum, I need some motivation.

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** The came is just wrapped around the plate & soldered together at the joint. I'll try & find any way possible to get out of drilling .

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Very pretty, toomuch! I bet it will be gorgeous when the sun hits it ... if we ever see it again here in Wisconsin! he-he

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Is your plate metal or glass and did you have to solder the little metal 'ring's on there?If you did,where did you get them?

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I love it Too Much! I have been trying to figure out ways to avoid drilling too. As much stained glass work as I do, I can't believe I didn't think of this idea before! I am so glad that you shared this!

Soldering like this is easy guys! You have to get a soldering iron and the lead. You just have to hold the soldering iron to the lead and hold the lead solder to the iron until it heats up enough to melt it...Oh don't forget to put a little flux on before you do it...and it will do the rest for you...the rings you can make yourself by wrapping the tinned wire...get it the same place you get your lead came, solder and soldering a stained glass supplier. Wrap the wire around something that is round and the size you want your rings as many times as the number of rings you want. Then cut with wire cutters and you will have rings. Put the open place on the ring where you are soldering it to the plate and it will close the ring up so nothing can slip through the little slot.

Sorry for jumping in to answer the questions for you Too Much. I just wanted everyone to have as much fun as we have doing things like this....and save them the drilling too!

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You explained it great ! You can solder all sorts of metals .. copper,uncoated brass,lead,nickel plated things - probably even more ! I even mastered my own technique of adding plastic beads onto wire and soldering them without melting the beads ! You can get soldering irons as low as $20 from places like harbor freight . ( Flux & solder,too ) It's easy to do , I learned off the internet when I first started ! It opens up a whole new world of things to make. Now I feel like making something ~~~ LOL

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That is really pretty. Can't wait to see more of your creations.

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Could you post your picture somewhere again?

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toomuchglass, would it be possible to repost your pic, since it has been deleted. We are curious to have a looksie. From all the comments it sounds like it is really a very outstanding and lovely piece of yard art. Would love to see it too!!!

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