VV finds..

crazyoneFebruary 4, 2011

i found these two iron things at value village.. i thought thrift stores would be cheaper but not so.

the ball was $8 and the basket $13 plus tax.

does anyone know what the ball is originally made for?

i plan to use them as planters unless any better ideas.


Here is a link that might be useful: items

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Very nice! black 1 looks like could be for firewood, magazines, towels in bathroom(sitting on floor) No idea what the ball thing was. Will look great with a pot in bottom & the plant growing out of it. Very nice additions to any garden! Jan

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I agree with Jan regarding the use for these items. They are both very neat. - Marylee

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Marlene Kindred

I don't know what their original uses were, but they are just beautiful! What a great find for you!

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I'd say magazines,towels,or logs for the fireplace for the black one.The red one i have no idea.I know i'd use them both inside my house,especially the red one.How big are they??

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they re about a foot and a half tall.. not many logs but magazines for sure, i want to use as planters with the round one being like cinderella's carriage and maybe vinca vine.

I just thought them pricey for thrift store buys.. everyone else seems to get much better deals :-)

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I don't like to spend much on TS things but I will if it is something that will last a very long time & is unique!! I don't think those prices were out of line at all. They are very nice decorator items & I sure would have bought them for myself!! You can change the color of them any time you change your patio decor or if you get a different color scheme going on in a part of garden & need a little extra bling-just get a spray can & paint it purple, teal, hot pink, any color you want. You can keep it black or white & change out the plants, doesn't get much better than that! You got a couple of treasures so ENJOY them!! Jan

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YUP! Treasures, I would say, too, like sunnyca!
I'm really lovin' the basket one..& they'll last "forever" so I'd say you didn't pay too much! Will be beautiful planted & in your garden areas! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Great items! I especially like the red one.

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Love them both. I think the round thing was originally a bowling ball holder. he-he It would be great for displaying a mosaiced ball or to use as a topiary by stuffing it with styrofoam and dirt and planting succulents in it. Or it looks cool just like it is. Great finds!

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