What would you do if...?

birdsnbloomsAugust 19, 2013

What would you do if your spouse killed one of your plants?

I am SO angry! Is murder legal in IL?

I bought a Cinnamon Tree, 11/16/2011.

My tree wouldn't have won any awards, but for 4.00, no biggie, right?

Here's a pic of my Cinnamon, after repotting, pruning, and a dose of SuperThrive.

I discovered Cinnamon didn't like full sun, so I placed in the back yard..way back, out of sight.

While dh was mowing the lawn he knocked my tree down. Of course, soil spilled everywhere, and oh, did I mention? He didn't tell me.

So, guess what he did? He repotted using 'dirt' from the ground! Then placed tree in a southern exposure. Cinnamon was on the left side of a Butterfly bush..he placed it on the right side.

I usually visit my plants daily, but have been busy indoors..

Yesterday, I went in the yard to repot plants.
I decided to check Cinnamon and was shocked what I saw.
95% leaves are dead, 5% are black, and dirts has weeds galore.

I wanted to cry. This isn't the first time he's killed a plant. He doesn't harm plants intentionally, he's clumsy.

What really pi$$es me off; he doesn't confess.

One summer we were painting the house. I was a proud Bromiliad grand-mother. After awaiting 18-months for my Achmea fasciata to bloom, the light pink flower sprouted.
It stood 9 or so inches. I was proud because my Brom was a division from its mom. It took effort and patience.

I had to go upstairs to get something...that's when dh knocked Brom down..sure enough, the flower broke off.
The sneak set the flower in its vase.
I came downstairs and immediately sensed something wrong.
I looked around, and found Brom flower leaning..Before it fell, it stood erect.

My eyes went from Brom to dh..he continued painting like nothing happened, but I KNEW.
I then approached Brom, touched the bloom...it dropped out of urn/vase.

Let's just say harsh words were exchanged that day.

There were other situations, but now my poor Cinnamon Tree may be dead.

Sorry for ranting, but I'm so angry. BTW, I found Cinnamon yesterday, while repotting plants.

Out of curiosity, what would you do? Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Divorce him, bury him, turn him into compost, never speak of him or to him ever, ever again. You asked what I would do. LOL

There is a reason my ex left with no forwarding address.

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I'm glad I'm whatever a male spinster is called!

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Marquest, lol. I guess he'd make fertile compost.
When I ask where he wants to be buried, he says the back yard. He might get his wish.

Oh oh, Marquest ex..Look out! :)

Ariel...You're a bachelor.
So, what do you do when you kill your plants? :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

So sorry that happened! Not forgiving him is baggage you don't need, and won't help y'all get along. (Not that I wouldn't be bummed and frustrated too!) Hope you can get to that point soon.

It's probably possible it can recover, you know I'm prone to burning plants, semi-accidentally. Hope yours can and does! Sending good vibes!

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paul_(z5 MI)

Unlikely that any permanent damage was done -- particularly if the plant was healthy before the "incident".

Place it back in its prior spot and cut back on the water given until it leafs out again. If it was in need of a repot, perhaps you might do so now. If not, then you might still wish to do something to make it more stabile -- whether putting its pot inside a larger heavy pot and/or tying it to something sturdy. Perhaps a brick embankment might stop him from mowing by it.

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hopeful, I buy new ones. But then again I do that even when I don't kill them. This year, other than ferns (which always grew so nicely for me indoors in New Orleans and Miami Beach), I haven't killed anything. I'm slowly murdering a pilea aluminum, though.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni it should be okay. Baby it a little it probably will come back. It sounds like you had given it such good care.

You should give your DH another chance. But warn him if it happens again he will be dinner for the dog. lol

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I completely understand your anger and frustration, if I lived close by I'd even offer to help you hide the body lol. I'm not married but my kid's friends have abused my plants. My son had a birthday party with seven boys that spent the night and one of them kicked over my jade that was on a plant stand and it was picked up but a lot of leaves and branches and dirt was on the ground, I was very mad. And my daughter's friend took the leaves of my swiss cheese plant and stuck them into the holes of the other leaves, which ended up ripping a lot of the leaves. ..she got an ear full and I told her to never ever lay a finger on my plants again!!

I really hope your tree survives, its a beautiful tree that I would love to buy myself my own but have never seen it for sale anywhere near me and online they're very spendy. I really love the look of the leaves on it. So good luck with it.


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