Repost from Name that Plant... need to id... viney/ivy? like?

flipgaryAugust 12, 2010

Hi... my Mom just moved from Nebraska to Arizona and gave me this plant... I forgot to ask her what it was, and now she isn't sure, since she gave 90% of her plants away. I've been on the web for a couple of hours searching through pictures trying to identify this plant. I need to find out if it is toxic to cats and bone up on its care. If anyone could help me that'f be wonderful!! I appreciate any help, as plants have never been my strong suit! :)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

A description at the very least.

Have zero idea at this point.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It appears to be one of the Hoyas, probably a Hoya carnosa cultivar. Ask your Mom about the flowers.

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Thank you... sorry, I tried to post the picture and it apparently didn't post. However, I have id the plant as a Hoya , as of yesterday. I was busy giving it and a couple of others she had given me some much needed TLC. I did ask her about the flowers, and she told me it's never flowered. But after some research, I figure it never flowered bc it was kept in a low light situation, as it was in the bathroom of our old house, which is on the east side, but heavily shaded due to oak tree cover. I am hoping that once it recovers it will end up blooming sometime. Thanks again! :)

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Try Eleanor's VF-11 this will help it form unbles which is needed for flowering, Unbles look like little microphones. Norma

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I'll gently disagree with the VF-11 recommendation on this basis: The guaranteed analysis of the primary macro-nutrients (NPK) in Eleanor's is: 0.15 - 0.85 - 0.55 This is less than 1% of ANY of the majors. 1/8 of 1% N, 7/8 of 1% P, 1/2 of 1% K. This is EXTREMELY low in fertility. Since I cannot find the rest of the analysis, I'm going to guess the rest of the nutrients are probably nonexistent, or nearly so.

I haven't used this potion (VF-11), but then, you don't need to ride the bus to know what makes the wheels go round & round. Forgive me for being somewhat skeptical or even cynical, but when vague claims are made like: ... and mildew is eliminated because VF-11 changes the pH and creates a condition where mildew can not grow. Once again, isn't it amazing? I wonder why there isn't something specific in the claim. Changes the pH of what? Soil? Cellular pH? Leaf surface pH - for how long? Hmmm
I also wonder at: VF-11 builds so much strength and health that plant cells 'harden' and 'seal in' the amino acids which aphids feed on. You have merely eliminated their food supply. And you have done it without the use of poisonous systemic or pesticides. Pretty nice...huh? Don't aphids feed on sap. How does this product make the sap unavailable to aphids? Does it somehow make cells so hard that they cannot be penetrated and dry up all the intra-cellular plant water/sap? Should I/we be saying GMAB here? There's more, but you get the drift.

I wouldn't say that this product has no benefit, as it may very well have some, but I am of the general feeling there is almost surely no panacean value to products like Superthrive or this elixir, and it's a good bet it's not the magic potion some may think it to be. I don't trust advertising that is known to be false and this alone is enough to fuel the skepticism in me.

One thing additional: The claim that "you cannot overdo", means there could only be extremely minute (almost immeasurable or nonexistent) amounts of any micro-nutrients in it because micro-nutrient overdose produces toxicity at even low levels and over-doing would reveal readily visible symptoms quickly.

Like I said, I wouldn't argue that it has no value, but I do know that I would invest in a good, known source of micro-nutrients and an appropriate fertilizer before I'd trust plant vitality to a product labeled with so many unsubstantiated claims.


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ok... well i'm good with the fact that it doesn't flower. I have some pretty crazy allergies and having my cat pushes the boundaries enough! lol :) I will just try to keep it in a better light than what my mom had it in and see if that helps. From what I've read it never flowered due to the light conditions it was in. I'm not an avid gardener, and don't know if the plant would survive if I tried something like that, but I do appreciate the tips. :) Thank you! Amie

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Well I have used VF 11 for many years, and I highly recommend it. Try it, and it, if you are not satisfied toss it out. The cost 5.95, what else can you recommend to use and get results. This was recommended to me by a lady who belongs to the Hoya Society. I didn't tell her she was stupid, I tried the product. What give you the right to belittle my suggestion when you haven't even tried the product. I had 500 species of Hoya, I donated to the Huntington Gardens, because I didn't have room for them. This product is the best known secret that I know of. I just get plants to flower and vines grow like crazy. Norma

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Just my opinion, but here goes.

Hi Gary:

You can try this at no cost, she sends a free 8 oz. sample (that will go VERY far if used as directed, certainly far enough to determine whether or not you feel it works well enough to buy). Just search for Eleanor's VF-11, see her free offer, I believe she sends the sample for the cost of postage only (when I got it several yrs. ago it was $3).

As a new grower, you might try first reading all you can about beginning gardening & about Hoyas. Good culture & growing habits are the foundation for everything else. Amendments like these will be secondary.

Hi Al,

just my 2 cents, but if I were posting as a newbie, I'd find your response rather overwhelming, gentle but still rather much & ALMOST belittling.

Also, what on earth does GMAB mean?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Norma - that was a copy paste from a post I had left a long time ago (I'll provide a link if you like), and wasn't even written as a direct reply to your post, so sorry if you feel slighted. I didn't belittle you; I provided a concise basis for my disagreement, which I certainly have a right to do, and presented an alternate opinion as to the value of a product and the packager's/manufacturer's advertising claims. If you think there is an error in anything I said, or my reasoning faulty, please point to it.

It's not at all unusual for hobby growers to be taken in by claims a product will do everything but butter toast. Just reading their ad copy is enough to alert you/me/anyone with some knowledge about how plants work that the product claims much more than it can deliver. I won't ask if you believe their claims, but I will, and think I did, say that I do not. I'd be very interested in having an Eleanor's expert join the conversation so we can learn why they can make such outlandish claims.


PG - GMAB = give me a break

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