Ever buy a plant for reasons other than the plant?

paul_(z5 MI)August 8, 2010

A couple of weeks back, I bought some broms on clearance. I honestly didn't want the broms and have no real desire to keep them. Why did I buy them you ask? Because I wanted the ceramic pots they were in. Each plant with pot was $1.50. The pots alone typically would go for much more than that.

Then just this past week, I bought a Mandevilla. Again, I really didn't want the plant -- I have no room for such a spacehog and (probable) mealybug/spidermite magnet in my apt once winter comes. So why did I bother? I wanted the metal trellis. Got the whole thing for about $8. The only time I've seen similar trellises by themselves, they've cost about twice that.

Some folks look at me strangely when I mention doing such things..............

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I don't see anything wrong with trying to save money on things you really want. If people didn't ask for so much on there items we would have to go about it in this way.

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If I could find deals like that here I'd do it too in a heartbeat!

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Hi...I do the same thing...just did it the other day...I bought a hanging pot for the pot....if the plants in the pots live, I give them away...anyone need a ivy....
I buy theses plants on the clearance cart .50 or 1.00 and I am amazed how many of them live after I get them home and feed and water them....lol

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How about buying a plant because you think the cashier is cute?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Not so much anymore, but I often used to buy plants for their propagation potential. IOW, I would chop them up into cuttings or divisions so I would have enough plants for a clump/grove/forest planting, and usually some to share with friends. Many times too, I purchased a plant I really didn't want because of the value of an attractive pot that came with it.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

I haven't seen one yet in a pot I that I really wanted.

But like Al~ Have bought them to propagate and share with my mom and sis.

Oneleaf~ lol.. too funny! Nope never because a cashier was cute, but have bought a plant in the past because the guy at Home depot that helped me was cute. ;) lol!


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I just bought one for the name, the name reminded me of someone I didn't like 'Jackal' I couldn't believe I would do something that stupid, that is not like me at all. I hope I end up liking the plant. Not even a label I could turn over and use. Norma

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

I bought a carefree beauty rose not for the rose but for a dicentra cucullaria (sp?) that was growing in the pot with it, dutchmans britches! the rose was on clearance for 3$. The rose is now one of my favorites, never bothered by beetles, blackspot, or mildew, and the dutchmans britches has been growing and colonizing under it! What a bargin! Of course now I can't find a supplier in the area for the rose! I'd love to get more. Guess I'll have to try propogation. I've also bought plants for the pots, lots of clearance 50centers at Lowes for the orchid pots.

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