Rusty Pond Critters

tinfoilhatMarch 12, 2012

75F here today so I walked over to the beach house and started cutting dead cattails and Canna leaves around the pond. Dragged out 2 critters that are going to pond when I'm done cleaning up.

Myrtle the Sea Turtle

Made from truck pressure plate, cotton gin saw blades, and John Deere excavator bucket tooth. 27" long x 28" wide. I'll plant ice plants under her so she'll have something to graze on.

Polly Parrot Fish

Made from 55 gal. barrel lid clamp, cotton bale ties, cotton gin saw blades, pump screen, and barbed wire. Fish body is 24' in diameter. Sculpture is 59" tall x 40" wide.

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Like them both but gotta say the fish is my favorite!

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Sounds beautiful there! & your pond critters are sure going to get spoiled!...feeding that turtle ice plants & such! Love the fish, too! A big one that didn't get away! TFS! Hope you share your pond pics again when they get settled in with other critters! TFS, tinfoil! Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

You've done it again! I particularly love Myrtle.

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Marlene Kindred

Those will look GREAT at your big pond! LOVE Myrtle especially....looks so real! You find the coolest things to make your sculptures out of. Another great job!

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I love myrtle, great coloring she's my favorite. The fish would look great among the cattails- the one that got away! I used to sit in cattails & watch golfers hit their balls into the swampy water & wait until they left & wade in & get their golf balls & sell them back to them for a dime (they were often so glad to get them back that they would give me a quarter) The swamp was really mucky tho so I earned every penny I got!! Those cattails can cut your legs too. Imagine you wear gloves when you are cutting them back! Jan

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Years back I did a job at a golf course were we had to pump down the pond to set an intake structure in it and run pipe to a pump house for irrigation. When the golfers would come up to the pond and see all the golf balls temptation would sometimes get the best of them. I almost fell out of the backhoe laughing as they'd slip and tumbled down the muddy black banks with their fancy white golf duds on. Happened at least once a day every day we worked there. I loved that job.

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Love these two!!! Have you made an alligator yet? It is 41 here today...ARG!

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Tinfoil, I love your sculptures! Myrtle and Polly are adorable. Also loved the golf stories told here. Thank you all for sharing.


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Forgot to mention the 'sea weed' barbed wire & gear base! Such creativity! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I couldn't find a barrel clamp so I used a bicycle wheel.

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I remember seeing that one and it was probably swirling in my head when I made this one. But I made a vow a few weeks back on this forum to get in touch with my feminine side and side by side yours is a male predator while I think mine is more of 20's torch singer. Her come hither long eye lashes and the Angelina Jolie lips purr, "Hey sailor wanna dance?" She demands they walk thru barbed wire to get close to her while her sharp edges say not to close. She is a seductress and Joan of Arc in chain mail. She is...
Wow, I think these romance novels really are helping me.

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Robert & Tinfoil I think those two fish would get along great together, Robert's would forget he was a predator & fall head over heels in love! Tinfoil, swamp I went in was real, no cement bottom just muck & wasn't until I was in H.S. that I found out there were areas around town where there was quicksand, so I could have just disappeared. We were coming home from a movie when I was in Jr. high, I saw a car go off the road right before the bridge, I had said on way into town that we were going to see 3 things,fire, car accident & man drown. I was shocked at myself & said I didn't know where that came from. Forgot it until Mr. C. driving us home said, there's the fire, old shed in field was burning. Seconds later we saw a car going off next to bridge & Mr. C. yelled, ask that man in the yard for a rope, guy's going to drown, I'll bet there is quicksand down there, car was going down very fast & they threw rope out to the guy while we all held on to it(attached to front of car too,we pulled like crazy & got him out as car completely disappeared. Wow was I shook up! I'm not into knowing the future at all. Mr. C. said that was what saved the guy is knowing what was going to happen, guy was drunk but we told him what had happened. Man in yard said he didn't even see the guy go in the river as he was watering. I don't think they even tried to get the car out, By time we left you couldn't see anything was there except car tracts into river. Quick lesson on how dangerous quicksand is tho. Jan

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Tinfoil: YOU are So FUNNY!!! lol! Just made my day...starting off with a good laugh!
Robert: Glad You reposted your pic, I sure wish I could(have time)learn how to weld....DH would loose me to a scrapyard dealer!lol!
Jan: What an Amazing story, thank you for sharing it!

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spedigrees z4VT

Love your aquatic critters, especially the turtle!

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I'm in love with Robert's brain . Actually , I'm

"in ENVY"

of Robert's brain. Everything he touches turns to artistic gold . *sigh* ;)

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