Good perennial for indoors fall-spring and later outdoors?

melissa2006(5)August 14, 2012

We live in the Denver area and have a 4' dual T8 tube light over a shelf in the living room, which I use for sprouting seeds in peat pots in the spring.

But the light is kind of minimal for growing anything on a long term basis. I don't know if it's the spectrum of the tubes in there, or whether T8 tubes just don't put out that much light. ( I've since found some better lights that I may get, which are 10,000K tubes. )

But I was wondering if there was some kind of perennial that I could sprout from seed, or get from a nursery, that would green up the room from fall to spring ( flowering not necessary indoors ), and then I could plant outside permanently? Maybe I could do a row of them under that light. But the would have to be something that could survive from September to around late May, without a whole lot of light.

Anything green and perhaps pretty, for this?


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

There probably aren't many perennials capable of tolerating your winters (after planting out) that will do well over-wintering indoors, because that's usually their resting (dormant) time, which most of the hardy perennials will need to do well in the subsequent growth cycle. Is there a fall-back plan on the wish list we can help with?


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Hi Melissa - I missed the word 'permanently' in your original post. I thought you were asking for things which could summer outside every year and winter indoors every year.

In view of the 'permanent' stipulation Al's answer covers it.

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