Aralia Polyscias Fabian with Curling Leaves

rachelwlAugust 8, 2008


I purchased an Aralia Polyscias Fabian Cane plant that was reduced. It needs a larger pot and I have noted other discussions to not use too large of a pot. It is drying out very quickly which I believe was said to be good cause for a larger pot.

My concern is that the leaves are curling halfway taco like. I have looked at various images through google at what the majority of the leaves look like and none are curling that I have seen. The leaves are firm with good color and seem to be in good health. I am wondering if this is due to under watering which is common in plants that are reduced at a store and get less than needed attention.

Also another concern that I have is that the main part of the stem has been trimmed. This is probably a tactic used in the store to keep it a certain size for the pot and price they have given it. There are several arms coming off of the main trunk and are thriving. Also note lots of new growth. Plant is approx. 18 inches tall and still in 4 inch plastic pot from store.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. My Husband and I are anxious to see this new plant thrive.



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The first thought is the plant is drying out and causing the leaves to attempt to conserve moisture.
Too dry, they dry out and drop. Soggy soil causes the same thing to happen.
From this I think a pot that must drain well is important.
This plant does not like to be allowed to dry out...or be heavily soggy. It is also not one to put into a window where the hot sun can hit it directly.
Good sun....but not directly is what it prefers and with high humidity.
Keep a mister handy and use regularly.
Also, it likes to be fed monthly any quality houseplant food.

The 4" pot is definitly too small for that sized plant.
But, there is danger in going up too much, too fast.
Why not try putting it into a 6" larger and make sure it drains well. Clay might be considered.
Where roots of plants can go too far afield for nourishment, it tends to eat too much or take in too much water that the roots cant handle yet feeds the plant and trouble ensues.
You can top up the soil it is presently in with any houseplant mix of potting soil/vermiculite/perlite/sand...depending on your preference for how well the present mix drains.

Since it can react to soggy soil as well as dry, I think it is paramount to not let the plant sit in its drainage water more than a few minutes.

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