puggranny(Zone 8)March 3, 2011

I am thinking of renting a booth a trade days and see if I can sell my stuff-my husband does not think so because they have no function. What do you guys think- please be honest it will not hurt my feelings.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think yard art DOES have a makes folks smile and brightens gardens with unexpected surprises. Everyone needs a little whimsy in their life.

hugs, Karen

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You go girl!!!! I've sold at craft fairs and have done OK for a small town.

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You won't know if you don't try and you will always wonder if you could have. You might have exactly what someone wants for their space. I set up in craft shows years ago and I didn't sell a lot but it was a good experience and I met a lot of really nice people. It is also good to set up with someone..share the cost and the fun. - Marylee

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puggranny(Zone 8)

Thanks guys!

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There are lots of people that love little unique things to display in their gardens. Looks like your creations are one of a kind, can't buy them at a store!! Go for it and the best of luck, hope you sell and sell!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I think it depends on where you sell. Don't set up at a flea market for example where people are looking for bargains, not for art, unless there is a strong craft/art presence there as well.

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I agree with Purplemoon...GJ makes ya smile!

My only concern w/your type of GJ is if you are comfortable that your product will not fall apart out in the weather. I would make sure that you have tested some of your work in your own gardens & know that for the most part, there is no problem w/glue, paint, etc. If not, then I would sell it as porch or protected area GJ art!

Have fun, puggranny! Jeanne S.

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One of the best memories I have of trying to sell my creations was at a Flea Market. I drove from Reno to Sacramento at 4 a.m., spent all day in the broiling sun on a sweltering cooking surface (black-top parking lot), and didn't sell anything. But I had a great time discussing the what and how of my art. I learned a lot about people and how they judge art's value. My only gripe was with the "guys" who told their lady friends; "I can make that for you and for a lot less?" Maybe so but I'll bet it never happens. Now Janie had a much better time selling $400.00 in old odds and ends.
My suggestion: also bring some miscellaneous odds and ends to sell - just to cover expenses if thing don't go exactly the way you want. Most importantly smile and have fun.

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puggranny(Zone 8)

The trade days I am going to try and go to is where I have bought most of my own yard art- my hubby does wood working ice chests, gliders, windchimes so plan to take his stuff also think i will try it if I can get a space very hard to get a space sometimes but think if I can sell hubby on idea will do it I thank all of you for your input

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You have some really neat stuff so wrap it carefully, probably in bubble wrap or boxed & in newspapers so people can get them home safely. Have fun & good luck with your hubby's items you should have a very interesting booth. Jan

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Google Image "American folk art sculpture"

You will see the kind of stuff you guys are doing are comparable to museum pieces.


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I'd buy that Peace bowling ball! lol! Or one of those lady totems. I can definitely see your items selling. With your variety, I'm sure you'd make some sales. A good word of advice I have heard others give is have some cheap things to sell too. Something for a few bucks, that's easy to make. It attracts people to your booth so you can get them hooked on buying something bigger and a little more expensive. Sometimes when people see the bigger items, they expect them to cost too much and they don't bother looking closer.

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puggranny(Zone 8)

I am trying to come up with some little something to sell for a few dollars any ideas Sorry the bowling balls are for my yard to hard to get them in my area and also I bet shipping would cost a fortune!!!

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I say GO FOR IT!!!
I'll be taking some of my stuff to a sale in April. I really don't know whether it will sell or not, but I'll be selling plants, nothing will be blooming that early in the year, and I figure my glass and painted pieces will add color to my booth and get people thinking about GARDENING! :D

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My advice is more from the perspective of the shopper than the seller.

As for cheap items, little garden stakes or signs would be good. Some wood, paint and maybe some cute little do-dads glued onto them would make them cute but easy and cheap to make. I'm sure others can come up with more "cheap" item ideas that would be great attention getters.

I would also clearly price items so that people can see them right away. I hate looking at breakable items and not seeing a price tag on it in plain sight. If I have to ask the price, chances are I won't bother. If you are afraid that people will think the prices are too high, put up a sign saying that prices are negotiable. Or have a sale of X amount off the price tag towards the end of the trade days.

Do you have any bowling alleys in your area? I have heard of people getting free balls from them when they are damaged or just plain old. They are still good for mosaicing but have lost their lives as usable bowling balls.

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puggranny(Zone 8)

I will price everything because it drives me crazy if I go somewhere and have to ask prices!!!!!!!!!!! I keep checking the bowling alleys and have gotten a few.
Thanks for all great advice

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Puggranny, you can make mini totems for pots. I think there are some shown in GJ Totem album. I really like them and think that is what I want make for myself when I get "going again".

hugs, Karen

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Keep dreaming! go for it!!!

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