Brugmansia bloom

elkay_gwAugust 28, 2011

I know there's a separate Brugmansia forum, but I just wanted to show you my first flower.

This is the first time I've tried growing one.


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Beautiful colors! Congrats. :)
Wow, you can grow these indoors? I saw them as an outdoor plant in a catalog... But I've never seen one in my area, period.

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I guess anything's possible, but I don't think they typically grow well indoors unless you might have a solarium attached to your house or something :). I've been growing this out out on my deck, but had to bring it in because of bad weather.

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Elkay, beautiful flowers..What's their size? In inches.
I like their color, too..very nice.

Squidy. Brugs can be grown indoors, but there are complications. For one, they attract Spider Mites. Two, although they can bloom in winter, the flowers are much smaller.

I had a Brug started from a 7" cutting. The first and second year, during summer, it went in the ground. Once autumn arrived, I dug it up, 'some roots broke,' potted, then brought indoors. It took effort, but I managed to keep Mites off by spraying w/my home-made insecticide.

Oh, the first summer it went in the ground, it grew from 7" to 2' tall. The second summer, 4'.

I had the Brug about 7-8 years when I discovered it was highly toxic.

We have birds, cockatiels. Normally, they fly in one room, but every so often, 'if they're startled,' off they go, often landing on a plant.

Because of the Brug's height, 'great landing area,' lol, I decided to give it to a woman without pets or children.
Brugs are beautiful, especially when tree-shaped/standard, like Elkay's Brug..but I love my birds, don't want them nibbling on a super-duper toxic plant.

Elkay. I have to ask. Is Elkay, Pig-Latin for Kay? lol, Toni

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Hi Toni,

Entire length of flower is about 13". I have a yellow one, also, but I don't know if it will flower before I have to bring it in.

Lol, Elkay stands for my first and middle initials - "L" and "K". But Kay is my middle name, actually.

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I bought a 4-feet pink brug a few months ago and tried to grow it indoors next to my window. It was already flowering so I got to enjoy five blooms or so before aphids took over the plant. I tried to control the aphids with insecticides but couldn't. There were aphids everywhere, it was so gross. I didn't even want to get close to the plant. So I took the plant outside. Lady bugs and spiders ate all the aphids and their eggs too. I'm waiting for new flower buds to grow. I miss the sweet scent especially in the evening.

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alocasia_nanc(5 - chicago)

BEAUTIFUL flowers!

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