Do You 'sand' your glass pieces before gluing?

aussie_mum(3)March 1, 2013

Hi folk
Just wondering if everyone 'sands' the rim of the glass pieces in totems and stakes and flowers, before gluing them?

I read somewhere that it helps with the 2 bits of glass 'gripping' the glue better but wondered if it was standard practice?

I find some surfaces very hard to sand!! (I am using garnet paper.)

Arcopal (or Corelle, tempered glass, very tough wearing) plates especially are as tough as guts and I actually had a cup and saucer bird feeder fall apart the other day! I like to lay the cup down on the saucer so the handle can be used to suspend the bird-feeder (see photo) and the other day I found the saucer lying on the ground. I wondered if it was due to the fact the Arcopal is such a tough, smooth compound that the glue didn't 'grip' and so the plate just peeled off!

So, do you sand and do you steer clear of certain cups or plates?

Feedback appreciated :)

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I have never sanded my edges but it probably is a good idea. Some adhesives require a "breathing" time (put glue on both pieces and wait) before putting the pieces together. I've had pieces stay to together for years in the elements year 'round, even in subzero temps, and some fall apart. I try to bring my totems in for the winter to clean them up and hopefully to prevent breakage. Good luck!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

What a cute bird feeder!
I think that glues and adhesives and silicone are changing because my newer pieces are much more likely to fall apart. I have never sanded.

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Hi, I thought I read that Corelle and Pyrex couldn't be glued because they come apart quickly. But I don't sand glass. I read to clean well with rubbing alcohol to get grease off and let dry prior to gluing. I use silicone since its cheaper and holds up.

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Hi, I do sand some pieces. I've found that some plates are so smooth that it takes forever for the glue to adhere and dry. I just buff it and the piece I'm gluing to it with sand paper. Since I've been doing that the plates take hold much quicker and haven't fell apart.

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I am a stained glass artist so I will speak from that experience. I would suggest sanding the pieces using a diamond sanding pad. You can get these at most glass supply stores. I get mine from Sanding will give a rough surface for the glue to adhere to.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

nope never have sanded any totem pieces. I use only GE ll silicon caulk made for outdoor use. I find it bonds very fast and stays put. Never had a piece come undone.

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