happy dance! my latest unusual 'find' - "sewing cabinet"

aussie_mum(3)March 1, 2013

Hi folk
I scored a wonderful wooden 'sewing cabinet' thingy from a lady on Freecycle the other day! She got it from an op-shop but never used it. It's not very deep but opens up and has several shallow shelves and a pull down 'mini-bench'.

I have already taken the 2 rows of nails out and am trying to decide of I should leave it as it is or paint it and highlight the shelves in a contrasting colour?

I've taken a second photo with a 30cm ruler on the cabinet to give you an idea of scale.

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I've since dusted it a bit and pulled the nails out on the 2 shelves on the left. They were for putting cotton reels on but I want to use it to display some of my small memorabilia in my "quirky corner", such as small tobacco tins etc.

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That is gorgeous. Are you sure you want to put it out in the garden?

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That would be considered a great collectable in U.S. as small cabinets that served a purpose are desired. The "nails" are for spools of thread, the bins for needles, buttons, seam ripper, thimbles & other sewing items. It probably has antique value. Looks like a hook to hang your favorite & best scissors so they are hidden. Save the nails if you didn't bend them all up so it could be "restored". Don't paint it, just clean & enjoy! Might check to see if it has value as antique where you are. I would love to have it in my sewing room. Wonderful find! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

I've never seen a sewing chest like that before. It is awesome looking! I agree with Jan...you should leave it with it's original finish as it probably does have antique value. I do think it would make a great display case too though. Let us see it when you get it placed in your house.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Its beautiful. Great find.

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